Thursday, July 10, 2008

Osoyoos: The Journey (Part 2)

Into the mountains! This is Manning Park, where I've camped, hiked, downhill and cross-country skied before (two separate trips). Note the gap in the clouds...

Mmmmm Manning Park is pretty.

There's lots of pine beetle damage though. It's a terrible shame. Stupid global warming, destroying our trees...

OMG BLUE SKY!!11!! Descending into the drier region East of Manning. This was taken just after we passed a really slow RV whose driver has apparently always wanted to lead a parade, based on how he didn't pull in to let anyone pass despite numerous opportunities.

I love this cute little church. This region is described on the highway signs as "Rivers and Ranchlands".

Part 3


  1. It's so pretty. I like the picture with the little church, too.

  2. Yes, it's a shame about the reflection though!

    Having said that, I'm quite impressed at what me and my camera could achieve from a moving vehicle. Mr E Man was reluctant to stop every 10 minutes for photos for some reason... can't think why!


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