Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random bullets of Calgary

You know your flight is ridiculously early when:
The airport Starbucks isn't open yet
You have to wait for the security line-up to open
The sight of the in-flight tea and cookies makes you feel nauseous

You know you're in Calgary when:
Someone shows up in a stetson
Your meeting is supposed to be about cancer, but keeps veering off into discussions about beef cattle and oil

You know the bigwig PIs have accepted you when:
They sign you into the swanky Air Canada members' lounge so you can have a free drink before your return flight

You achieve this by:
Letting them play with your iPhone

By the numbers:
Men in the meeting: 16
Women: 2
Female PIs: 0
Non-Caucasians: 1
People wearing a suit, other than me: 0
iPhones: 2
Blackberries: 3
Comments about the iPhones: oh, hundreds.


  1. I wonder if the logic of iPhone = acceptance by BigWig PIs would work on Dr. Man...

  2. hah, sounds like an experience.... hope you had some fun and something good came out of it.

    Personally, I wouldnt mind a discussion about beef and cattle - i Miss it ;)

  3. Wait for the security line to open! That must be weird. "Ah no sure, don't worry, I'll just push my bag through the machine myself, love".

  4. Amanda, it is definitely worth trying!

    Chall, difficult to say what came out of it just yet... wish I could blog about this because it is very, very interesting, but also confidential!

    Stepwise, they looked almost as bleary-eyed as me when they finally started up the X ray machine! Imagine their confusion that I was carrying a laptop bag with no laptop in it! Also I set off the metal detector - turned out to be the zips on my boots but that took some investigation.

  5. well, there is always that, isn't it? confidential... pahh... ;) no really, I get it.

    anyway, so what about the cattle? What's the news? New types? Hard to get grass/grain this year due to wheather?

    Or was it simply "i saw this really nice bull the other day. Would be great for my cows. They'd be in heat in no time" :)

  6. It was more about mad cow disease than anything...


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