Thursday, August 21, 2008

First work trip

I'm going to Calgary tomorrow.

Well, technically, Calgary airport.

Here's my schedule: up at 3.30 am, leave for the airport at 4.30, flight leaves at 6.

Flight arrives at 8.19 am Calgary time, meeting starts in an airport hotel at 9.

Meeting ends at 3 pm, flight leaves at 4.15.

Home (or, at least, home airport) by 4.30 pm Vancouver time.

Yee ha.

(At least I now know why I'm going. The reason wasn't entirely clear until late yesterday. My suit is all dry cleaned and ready, and so - I think - am I).


  1. Quick trip! I am always sad if I go some place and don't actually get to see it. But I hope the meeting in the suit goes well!

  2. Oh,ick, what a punishing schedule! Hope your flight is smooth, that you get some sleep on the plane, and that the meeting goes well!

  3. Quick trip! I am always sad if I go some place and don't actually get to see it.

    Then again, we are talking Calgary... airport may be about as good as it gets (I am so going to get flamed for this... :-)

  4. Thanks all! The early start was tough but the meeting was very interesting.

    I slept very, very late this morning.

    Okham, my last trip to Calgary was somewhat longer (like, about 22 hours) and it was actually nicer than I thought it would be. Mind you, the only comments I'd heard about it beforehand were from rabid Canucks fans ("Calgary SUCKS" being the usual). We found a nice park and some cool bars.


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