Friday, August 8, 2008

Yet another alternative career for me

Voice actor.

My friends have their own business and just started paying for a voicemail system with multiple options; press 1 for service and all that. And they asked me - weirdly accented me! - to be the voice on the answering machine.

So, last night I called the number I'd been given, put in the password, and recorded myself saying the greeting and menu options into the phone. My first attempt was OK, but I thought I could do better. So I did it again, messed up, tried again, messed up somewhere else... 8 or 9 takes later I called them and asked them to check it. They came back saying it was OK, but not quite friendly enough. "Put some smile in your voice, Cath!"

I wasn't quite sure how this melded with their previous request to "put on your posh voice". So, I did my best smiley posh voice. It was truly bizarre to be talking into my phone with a voice that felt unnaturally posh and with a weird smile on my face, and it took about 12 more takes. But they say they're happy with the outcome.

So now, every time I call my friends, I hear my own voice talking back to me. It is FREAKY. Luckily I recited the menu often enough last night to have memorised the menu options that forward my call straight to my friends' two cell phones.

I wonder though - will they change the password they gave me? There is just so much fun I could have with this. "If you think [business owner] was a big meanie for thrashing Cath at Risk, press 3. If you think he should buy her a beer, press 4". The possibilities are endless.


  1. Wow. That would be freaky to call a friend and hear my own voice back at me.

    And I totally understand why they'd hire you for a voice actor... North Americans really have a thing for UK accents, and as a native North American, I can say that yours sounds very "cool" and "exotically posh" indeed. (Though you probably hate hearing that!)

  2. I know - I even hate hearing my own voice on echoey long-distance lines, so it will take a lot of getting used to!

    I don't hate hearing that my accent is cool, exotic or posh (thank you by the way!)- I just find it baffling given how most Brits would perceive it!

    Lovely to talk to you last night BTW - sorry I had to cut it short but my dinner was very important too!

  3. Yes, especially when it's covered in melted cheese, as so many of my creations are.

  4. Hehe, yes they really have given you a tremendous power!

  5. O.M.G. That is on my list of Top Five Dream Jobs. I'm so envious. seriously.

  6. You should totally put "excellent smiley posh voice" on your resume for your next voice acting position! :-)

  7. Unbalanced Reaction, yes, and I may have to use it once the English Premiership football starts. "If you think [friend's team] are shite, press 1. If you think Newcastle United will kick their ass this season, press 2".

    Eco, I am really, really intrigued. May I ask the obvious question? Erm, why?!

    Mad Hatter, the problem is that I can't keep it up for any length of time. They might just spot this at the interview / audition.


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