Friday, September 12, 2008

I LOVE it when this happens

From earlier today:

Boss: I need you to put together a list of abbreviations from the body of this grant proposal

Cath: (calmly and wordlessly hands him just such a document, put together when I was proofreading said grant yesterday)

Boss: Oh. Thanks.

Deadline is 10 am on Monday... this weekend could be interesting.


  1. Nice! Awesome anticipation!

    By the way, new evidence that the trickle down theory is really true - all you grant proposal writers are trickling down your demands to us service providers. I am almost unable to keep up!

  2. We can commiserate over coffee next week. Until then, back to work... can't leave until I talk to boss, who is not in his office...

  3. What are you a mind reader ? Scary stuff...

  4. Don't you love it when you anticipate their needs? The only problem is that if it becomes a common occurrence (as it did for me in grad school with The Boss) then the bosses start to expect it... ;)

  5. Okham, I wish I was a mind reader, it might make my job easier! But in this case the truth is much less interesting; I remembered having to do the abbreviations list at the very last minute with a previous grant.

    UR, that is a very good point! Although would it be such a terrible thing...?


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