Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reasons why today is better than yesterday

1) I didn’t go to the gym before work, so I was on the road later than yesterday and there were crossing guards outside the school.

2) It was raining ever so slightly, which as usual increased the average speed of the cyclists on my route.

3) Did I mention that I didn’t go to the gym?

4) I brought lunch with me, so I didn’t have to face Safeway or idiot pedestrians. Not only that but lunch was super-tasty vegetarian Thai red curry that Mr E Man made last night.

5) Instead of going grocery shopping after work, I get to have dinner with friends, including one hilarious out-of-towner who we don’t see nearly often enough.

6) I saved the best for last: DOG IN THE OFFICE!! (Although a replacement dog sitter was located by lunch time, so this was only a temporary pleasure).

People still need to learn how to use roundabouts though.


  1. Glad today was better than yesterday!

  2. Great to hear the improvement!

    My main problem is with people I overtake in the swimming pool. Slow is the other lane, RIGHT?? Don't you start your lap splashing my face like that when you know I am FASTER!

  3. Right! I'm a slow swimmer myself, but I use the correct lane!

    Mermaid may have a thing or two to say about triathlon swimming etiquette. I've seen some scary photos...

  4. Yes, my days are always better when I manage to make lunch. Today I didn't and I couldn't stand the thought of another mayonnaise filled nightmare of a sandwich from Safeway so I went to Starbucks in the hospital. That, however, was horrible. Really wish I'd made my own.

    As for cycling - light rain is fine for me too but this afternoons rain is just downright unpleasant but does clear most of the streets. I suffer from another cycling related affliction when I'm wearing my cycling gear - cyclists (nearly always men) who see someone in cycling clothes and just have to either overtake me only not be able to stay ahead or hang on my back wheel. They don't get that I'm not out for some record time on the way to work (or in fact that I never have done cycling for competition).

    And dogs in work...I wish, no pets in my life :(.

  5. Yay! If I manage to go to bed at a roughly normal hour, I am declaring today better than yesterday as well!

  6. Oooohhhhhhhhhh - my favorite pet peeve is slow swimmers in the fast lane. Especially head-up, don't get your hair wet breaststroke! I am all for doing whatever for exercise, but why insist on slowing everyone else down? I especially love the slow people who wait until you are just about to turn at the end of the lab and THEN take off. Surely you could have waited the 3 seconds until I was gone?

  7. Dr J, you don't race?! I thought everyone did...

    I actually really like the Safeway Deli sandwiches. They are well worth the usual line-up. The California Dreamin' (turkey, guac, ranch dressing, tomatoes and bacon) on the multigrain bread... yum. But not as yum as leftover dinner.

    SG, I hope that worked out well for you last night! I am seriously sleep deprived at the moment and am really looking forward to at least one long lie-in on the weekend.

    Mermaid, they can't wait for you to turn because they are unbelievably SPECIAL.

    I miss the dog from yesterday.

  8. I race when swimming! I hadn't thought of the point system, though. Wonder how I should rank those people I MUST pass: the 'start-when-I-turn' people; the swim-in-string-tie-bikini girls; the must-wear-speedo-from-10-years-and-40-pounds-ago men; and the stand-on-the-edge-and-do-impressive-looking-stretch folk. Don't even get me started on the nose blowers - I will not rest until I can pass them AND possibly even kick water as I do so!

  9. I can totally see you doing that!

    I still laugh at the comments SS and I made about your screensaver at some meeting or other... the one at the start of the Ironman triathlon swim...

  10. nope no racing for me, I might race myself from time to time but (and probably because I don't like losing) I don't race other people - I like my cycles to work to be stress free!

  11. Stress free is an impossibility on my routes, so racing at least makes it fun!

  12. So you like a dog in the office? I've never experienced it, and can't tell if it's bad (distracting) or good (fun). There's this building across from mine that has a strange dog culture, with tons of dogs pouring out of the labs at lunchtime for play on the lawn. I have always considered this pretty bizarre.

  13. As an one-off thing, I loved it. It helped that this was a really nice dog that was happy to lie quietly under its owner's desk. When I went in there to boil the kettle, the dog put her nose in my hand and just stood there silently - so cute! I don't know how I'd react to a whole pack of dogs on a daily basis though.

    I'd probably love it to be honest... depending on the noise levels.


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