Monday, October 6, 2008


The soup recipes are up. All three recipes look amazing, but Dr Isis gets my vote this week for having two fabulous recipes, introducing the soup swap idea, and making me splurt out my tea as I laughed at the caption to Figure 1.

Unfortunately I don't get to play this time, because Mr E Man is the soup maker in this marriage (his family all have awesome soup genes, his Mum's French Onion is to die for) and he refuses to divulge his secrets to the internet. It's soooo unfair, he is such a meanie. His best soups are

a) cauliflower, leek and blue cheese, and
b) butternut squash, carrot and ginger,

but I have no idea how to make them. Sorry.

Cath and her husband relaxing at home

In other news, I rewarded my recent good gym-going habits with these Nikes of Awesomeness. Mmmmm, shiny. And bouncy.

I iz confused, iz not stinky

There is even the remote possibility that I might go running at some time in the future. Maybe.


  1. Shoot, those soups sound really good. Why does Mr E Man have to be so selfish?! :)

  2. I know, eh?!

    The three official recipes sound great too though. I'm going to make all three over the course of the winter.

  3. The cats clearly love your new shoes (or is it just the box?)

    And running is not so bad once you get into it ;)

  4. A) Excellent use of Seinfeld references

    B) Obviously you must capture your husband and torture him for information. Possibly using a ruffly feather boa

  5. SG, they love anything new, especially shoes - they like to put their toy mice in there and then fish them out. Then repeat. Again and again. They also push their mice under closed doors and then fish them out again... weird. Oh, and they do love boxes too! I'm about to head out to the gym so the shoe box will become available. I'm sure I'll come home to find one of them in that and the other in their favourite Amazon box!

    Hermitage, thank you! I'm surprised that no-one has commented on the resemblance between that photo of Elaine and my profile photo though... oh and if I torture my husband he might not make the soups again. Those soups saved my life when I had my wisdom teeth out, I ate nothing else for a week.


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