Sunday, October 5, 2008

Random things that people send me #1

My goodness, tidying your computer room certainly does bring a lot of junk to the surface! Amongst all the old bills and bank statements, I found several bits and pieces that people have sent me in the last few months, and thought I would share them on lazy post days.

The first one is a postcard from my Dad.



No, Father dear, I had better not let Mum see this. How much is THAT worth to you? Christmas is a coming...


  1. Sounds like you're in a great bargaining position! :-)

  2. Oh yes, let us know how that bargaining plays out :)

  3. "Daddy, can I have a pony?"

    Actually, I think I'm too old for that. I'll have to save it for something really important, like, um, nah, I couldn't do that to my Dad!

  4. This is the only one I've seen, but I love the style!

  5. I once sent one to my mum that said "God sees everything but the neighnours miss nothing" with two old fags with big bottle bottom glasses... And one to my husband with a bride and groom with odd faces (cf your card) that said "A sense of humour is critical when things become serious" (or something like that. I bought them in Oxfam in the UK, but I remember seeing them in other places too.

  6. Oh then you'll definitely appreciate the next one!


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