Saturday, October 11, 2008

Random things that people send me #3

An anniversary card from my cousin:

I should just be grateful that she didn't fill the envelope with glitter like she did with my 21st birthday card... I was picking that stuff out of the carpet for months!

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers! Heading to the ferry for a long weekend with the second-most awesome in-laws in the world... (Mr E Man has the most awesome in-laws, obviously).


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! (I had no idea yours was so early - thanks for the international education :) Are you headed for Victoria or one of the equally beautiful places? Please bring back pictures!

  2. I love that card! Where did she get it?

    And Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I demand to have that card in triplicate x 1000 immediately. Because I have totes been know to make the elegant and sophisticated 'puke' noise when my friends get all lovey dovey.

    I am on your blog-roll. One step closer to A-list status! Most Fabulous

  4. Cath, these cards confirm, in case it was necessary, that you are a very good humored person.

    Coming from a very good humored family!

    Happy thanksgiving, so!

  5. Thanks all! Much turkey was eaten. Mmmmm. My in-laws are all amazing cooks, among their many other strengths!

    ScienceGirl, I didn't know either until I came here! We weren't in Victoria, we went to the Sunshine Coast (on the mainland but requiring a ferry to cross the mouth of a large inlet that extends inland as far as Squamish, which is halfway to Whistler).

    Bean-Mom & Hermitage, she lives in Columbus Ohio, and the card is from Hallmark. Hope that helps! Oh and I am only D list (if that), so I'm not sure I'll give you much of a boost! Happy to help though!

    Stepwise Girl, thanks! Yes, they are a hoot!


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