Wednesday, October 15, 2008

They have got to be doing this on purpose

To set the scene, imagine the following:

Two major Canadian grant application deadlines, exactly one month apart.

One project, submitted to both competitions.

One manuscript, absolutely pivotal to said project.


The manuscript was accepted exactly one day after the first grant deadline.

And then published online exactly 3 hours after the second.



  2. The first one was the most annoying, although I did contact the scientific officer for our committee and she has added the acceptance letter to our application. The only real difference between the paper in press and published paper is that it is so much neater to add a properly formatted manuscript to the appendices... frustrating though!

  3. ohh.... "extra attachment" or "update" possible? Let's hope!

    It sounds absolutetly sucky.

  4. I just entered a competition too. Two projects. First one ok. Second one too long!!

    Oh least one was accepted.

    viv in nz

  5. UR and Chall, sucky sounds about right!

    Viv, that's too bad - good luck with the other one though!

  6. Oh- that's shit for timing... if you are allowed an update though- you can include this... I don't know how that works in CA, also... you can call the program officer...? Does that work in canada... it works here...

  7. We added the letter of acceptance to the first application (see my first comment above), but it doesn't really seem worth it to do this for the second.


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