Wednesday, November 5, 2008


One week on from my one and only chance to argue with a McCain-Palin supporter, I had the following text message exchange with our poker game (and Halloween party) host:

Friend: "Poker tonight gang"
Me: "Is [name] coming?"
Friend: "Unfortunately not, I think we broke him"
Me: "Yes we can"


Two weeks on from my description of my complicated ass-covering system, I had my annual review meeting with my supervisor.

Paraphrased verdict: "waaaaay too much detail, please summarise this information as number of grants approved, rejected and pending. Tidy up and simplify the original spreadsheet and put it in Google Documents so your activities are more visible to me and the other members of the group".

(I'm trying, but Google Documents consistently crashes the crappy IE6 browser I am forced to use!).

I'm still going to keep up the detailed activity tracking though, you never know when it might come in handy.


Right, off to dissect the election results with my poker buddies.


  1. I've got one word for you: Firefox.

    Have fun dissecting the election results! Doing so here is like rubbing it in; not sure it would help stop the hatred.

  2. Hey, I loved that particular post and am trying to follow your method! I agree with Sciencegirl that Firefox is way better than IE. If you must use IE (some sites don't work well with firefox), try upgrading to IE7. I found that it crashes much less often!

  3. I completely and 100% agree about Firefox, that's what I use at home. However when I say "the crappy IE6 browser I am forced to use", I do mean forced! Our IT policies are very restrictive (I can't even install Google toolbar so I have to go to the actual page to search - I know, isn't it terrible?). So I am stuck with IE6. And it crashes a LOT. I've asked them again and again to let me install Firefox, but no joy... something to do with security, compatibility across the entire healthcare system, and having patient data on our servers.


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