Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Olympic dream is alive!

Mr E Man and I recently applied for our 2010 Olympics tickets - hockey, snowboarding, freestyle aerial skiing, and curling (the latter only because the venue is within walking distance of our house, and it would be pretty cool to walk to the Olympics).

According to the local media, almost all events are oversubscribed - for example, the people who requested tickets for the men's hockey gold medal game would fill the venue seven times over. (The actual ratio of applicants:attendees will be much higher, but I can't put an exact figure on our chances; no-one is exactly sure of how many seats are allocated to Canadian residents, who are the only people eligible to apply for tickets in this first phase). So our application will be entered into a lottery system, with our Visa cards being charged as soon as the lottery is completed.

We'd originally been told that everything would be finalised by November 23rd. When we hadn't heard anything despite obsessively checking our credit card statements several times a week, an air of disappointment and resignation descended.


I just got an email containing the following text:

Due to the incredible demand for Olympic Winter Games tickets, we have slightly adjusted our timeline for the rest of Phase 1. Please take note of the new dates below.
December 1 VANOC will begin charging Visa cards
NEW - December 10 E-mail notification of ticket allocation (no information released prior to this date)

It's still highly unlikely that we'll get the hockey tickets, but hopefully we'll get something else!


  1. Aaaah... that would be so cool ... I have to make sure I'll be in Vancouver by that time ;)
    Good luck with the lottery!!

  2. totally, totally awesome. Me and my girls want to come too!!

  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Thanks all for the good luck wishes!

    Nina, sounds like a good plan!

    DrDrA, I'll let everyone know when non-residents can start applying for tickets.

  5. I was happy to hear that too! Now I can stop obsessing with my visa statement for a few days :).

  6. I do hope you get some good tickets! I never applied as I am pretty sure I have to graduate and get a job before there is a chance I can afford going to the Olympics, so maybe next time. But you know what that means? I will be checking your blog for descriptions of live experiences! So you better get those tickets!

  7. SG, maybe I can apply for a press pass so I can live-blog the hockey final for y'all.

    Chall, thanks!

  8. Yay! I was in Ottawa a few months ago, and I loved seeing the big countdown clock. I hope you get your tickets!

    Yessssss! A press pass! :)

  9. Cath-

    That would be awesome because we really do want to come!!

  10. UR, I didn't realise they have a clock in Ottawa too! Unfortunately the Vancouver clock keeps getting vandalised by anti-Games protestors, and now has to have security guards... I wish that people who didn't want the Games would try to make the most of things now that the deal is done. I really, really hate NIMBYism, and there's a lot of it about in Vancouver...

    DrDrA, I will keep an eye on the CBC and VANOC websites and post any announcements I see!


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