Monday, November 17, 2008

RBO being proud of myself

  • I got up before my alarm.
  • I made a super healthy lunch* for today and tomorrow.
  • I went to the gym early enough that I had time to do 2 rounds of circuits rather than 1.
  • I'm finally starting to feel fitter and stronger - e.g. doing more reps and/or heavier weights than before.
  • I may have made a new gym friend.
  • I have finally figured out the best structure for the meeting report I'm working on, and am now busily sorting my unordered list of bullets into something I will be proud to show my boss when he comes back from his trip tomorrow.
  • I discovered some will power and did not buy a treat to go with my coffee.
  • I logged my morning commute for bike to work week.

Yay me!


*wholewheat pasta salad with kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, red grapes, asparagus, feta, and balsamic dressing.

Blogger Spellcheck is suggesting calamity olives, which does not sound quite as appetising. But it might offset the cheery tomatoes from my first draft.


  1. Wow. Good for you!! I am proud of your industriousness. :)

  2. I discovered some will power and did not buy a treat to go with my coffee

    Me too ! Well, kinda... I discovered some ill power and had no coffee with my treat, how's that ?

  3. Thanks Ruchi! I will probably be asleep by about 8pm though.

    Massimo, was "ill power" an intentional typo??!! That's awesome. I drink my coffee (Americano, when I can get it) black, so the calorie count is very low. So no need for any will power there!

    I just had lunch at my desk and got balsamic dressing on my meeting report, damnit. Ah well, it's only a draft.

  4. Get on with your bad self. Gym before work, healthy lunch and treat resistance. I am impressed and frankly, a little jealous.

  5. was "ill power" an intentional typo??

    ROTFL.... unintentional but funny

  6. You rock the party, Cath!!

    I miss bike to work week! 2 years ago I organized a group in our institute and we placed in top 3 in 3 categories.

  7. Sorry MXX!

    Dr A, unfortunately I have to take the bus on Thursday and Friday so I'm not as full a participant as I'd like. But I get to pass one VACC stall this week so I will get my free coffee and cake and raffle entry!

    Massimo, ill power sounds like the dark side of the force... but with less coffee.

  8. oooh your lunch was better than mine! jealous!

  9. Getting up before the alarm is always a virtuous start to the day.

    Not that I'd know.

  10. Sorry about making people jealous and hungry! I have been buying too many sandwiches recently, so I'm making a concerted effort to have healthier / cheaper / more eco-friendly lunches.

    EGF, I know, it's a rarity for me! There is unlikely to be a repeat tomorrow.


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