Friday, January 9, 2009

Holiday photos

All taken on my phone camera, because while I did take my real camera to the UK, I never actually seemed to have it with me when we went anywhere photogenic.

Can you guess the locations of the following photos?

A: Somewhat easy
(Cath (not me!) correctly guessed Clifford's Tower in York).

B: the most obscure photo I have from this location; I have another image in reserve in case no-one gets it from this one!
(Chall correctly guessed Edinburgh. This shot was from inside the main courtyard of Edinburgh Castle, facing towards the Royal Mile. Better (but too easy for the competition) photo coming soon!)

(Second photo, from outside the castle. Not sure why the BBC were there).

C: the most obscure location of the three, hence the need for two different photos.
(No-one got this one, but apparently some people are desperate for the answer! It's Tynemouth, just outside Newcastle. A hidden gem; only locals really know about it. I was born about 30 miles up the coast (moved to York when I was 5, visited "home" a lot) but only went to Tynemouth for the first time when I moved to Newcastle for my undergraduate degree).

The prize? Erm, bragging rights?


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  2. The last one looks a bit like the old church on the hill in Whitby. I'd only be taking wild guesses at the other two.

  3. No, sorry - not a million miles away though!

    Thanks for the podcast advice - I have now downloaded the audiobook. I guess the podcast acts as an advertisement for the audiobooks, so I can just buy new ones when they're announced on the cast? Or is there a way to subscribe to the actual audiobook series?

  4. Haha - it does look familiar and it might come to me later.

    Here's a quiz for you ... can you guess where the photo of the sheep that I use for my id photo was taken?? It's even more obscure than your second photo but it was taken in the UK ...

    The first couple of podcast series were free but were so incredibly popular that they had trouble handling the traffic and figured they may as well try to cover their costs so now you have to pay for all of them, including the original free series (hence their move to "audiobooks"). The ones that are now available for free are pretty much just teasers. I am such a geek that I'm subscribed to the newsletter on Ricky Gervais's website so that's how I find out when the new podcasts are available ...

  5. Oh I love vacation pictures- but it's been a long time since I've been to the UK, ... so I wouldn't even dare to guess!

    Glad you are back!!

  6. I can't even begin to guess, having never been there, but nice photos! How many megapixels does your phone have?

  7. ZOMG, how does Ricky Gervais have a blog and website that I hadn't seen before?! Now all signed up for... well, everything. PiT, you are the world's biggest internet addiction enabler.

    I have no idea where the sheep photo is from, but it looks like Scotland...? Maybe.

    DrDrA, the buildings in the photos are unlikely to have been erected since your last visit ;) Oh, and thanks! It's nice to be home.

    Silver Fox, thanks! I think it's 3 Mega pixels. It doesn't have a flash though, and doesn't do well in either poor light or strong winter sunlight.

  8. Funny, I thought of Edinburgh for the B photo but that would be a bit rich to have the Union Jack there, wouldn't it?!!?

    I'm going to go with Dundee on photo A.

    And then I get confused on photo C and D... looked like south coast for a second. I obviously don't remember anything about "where" in the UK you have your family ;)

    I have bragging rights for my non patriotic comment on my own hockey team.... gahh... fun though :)

  9. B is indeed Edinburgh Castle - I have a better photo that I'll upload next time I'm at my home computer. And I was very surprised to see the Union Flag too!

    A isn't Dundee though, and PiT's guess on C is geographically closer than your guess.

    Your comment about scoring goals being important made me laugh, hence your bragging rights! If you check the archive, the vast majority of "best comments" are about either politics or hockey...

  10. Well, none of them are Scunthorpe. Or central Leeds.

    I'm going for "places in North England I haven't been to".

  11. I know! A is York (Clifford's Tower), and C is (probably) Scarborough. I moved to Leeds a year and a half ago, and those are some of the touristy things we've been to see.

  12. The person with the awesome name is right on A, but not on C.

    York rocks. I grew up there (from the age of 5 onwards) and love going back to visit. Sadly though, Clifford's Tower is synonymous with one of the worst incidents in the whole of the city's bloody and violent history.

  13. Damn, Scarborough was going to be my next guess.

    PiT, you are the world's biggest internet addiction enabler.
    Only on the cool stuff ... and I clearly have no life :)

  14. Fabulous photos, but certainly not places I've been to before! I really need to go tramping around the UK one of these days...

  15. Go North from Whitby, not South... the name of the town describes its location.

    Hermitage, you should totally go. But be sure to explore the North, not just the London-Oxford-Canterbury triangle that too many tourists restrict themselves to!

  16. Hermitage, I totally back what Cath suggests about exploring the north. I hiked the Coast to Coast route about 10 years ago and it was AMAZING - such beautiful country that it was mindblowing. And almost anywhere in Scotland is great too. Actually, I love the whole damned island.

  17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Scotland. I was there for a meeting a few years ago. Spoiler alert: Nessy is a damn sturgeon.
    I loved Glasgow - such a happy little place. We took the train all over, from Glasgow to Sterling, Aberdeen, Inverness, and back down the west coast. Absolutely stunning. The sheep had ocean front property all over the place. I will take my kids there someday, but I won't force feed them fried mars bars....sigh.

  18. Wow, it's all so beautiful! (I have noooo clue)

  19. WOW! I was right! :) Fun to see the four times in Edinburgh have paid off.... Still not completely sure on the flag but since there are jewels there maybe that makes some sense?

    Part of me is confused on where York is, but then I remembered the game Britannia and where the town is when one wants to take over Scotland from the Picts.

    I disgress, sorry. I look forward seeing more pictures! I might put up some from my own place after the trip, although I fear that I will lack enough sun light ;) Happy weekend!

  20. I have no clue about the photos, but am flattered that *two* of my posts were post of the week.
    Especially since one of them was a product of my sleeping brain!

  21. PiT, I concur (obviously). Although I don't like Stoke on Trent.

    Anon, me too! I did my PhD in Glasgow and had a great time. I miss the crazy place.

    UR, just sit back and enjoy the photos!

    Chall, I'm a wee bit confused about the flag too. York is in NE England, roughly half way between Edinburgh and London. So, yeah, it changed hands a lot, even after the Vikings and Romans left!

    Eva, I was already going to include your hilarious dream post, but then the squishy cow post came along and I just couldn't choose between two posts of such genius!

  22. ey, where is it?!!?!?!? You can't just leave me hanging like this!

    I have tried to figure out where it is but nonononono idea.

    therefore I will guess Hastings. It's either that or Ullapool ;)

  23. hee hee - answer now in main post. BTW Hastings is almost as far as you can get from Tynemouth and still be in England (well, if you ignore Devon and Cornwall anyway)...

  24. Cath: THanks! I was just starting to go loopy :)

    I just had to take a guess at the other place with vast differences in tide...

  25. These photos are great. I am glad you had your phone...yay iPhone.

  26. Great photos :) I think it would be way harder if I started playing this game with my photos :)

  27. You should try it! We will all guess Kyiv on every photo.


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