Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't panic!

After starting to recover from this week's shenanigans, I spotted this sign on the BBC website and I knew what I had to do.

Yup, it was promptly printed, cropped, and stuck on my wall, next to my calendar. I hope it works.

I still don't have the final files for Very Important Submission, by the way.


  1. Breathe deep, and they will come. They always will. Probably at about 5 min to deadline though.

  2. You have a humble little award waiting for you!

    Carry on! (ok, just had to say that. I have been practicing this with what I think your accent must sound like. Perhaps you should post a recording of some of your favorite phrases on here for your fans :)

  3. oooo - I love's screen savewr material!

  4. IS, if they don't, it aint my fault! (typical Friday afternoon statement there).

    SG, ooh, thank you! I will give the continutation of the meme some thought.

    WS, I need to see it more often than a screensaver!

  5. see.. I return tp the HHGTTG and Be calm :)

    good luck with that and enjoy the weekend.

  6. On of my grad student friends had a big poster of that above her desk. It is always a nice reminder!

  7. Chall, I was proud of getting HHGTTG references into two consecutive posts!

    Albatross, I think mine needs to be bigger.


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