Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Return to Wonderland?

ScienceGirl (from Curiosity Killed the Cat) was kind enough to give me an Inspiration Award.

Thank you, ScienceGirl!

I do have to say though, that I am increasingly unsure of what to do with these things. I hate to sound in any way ungrateful, because it's always a warm and fuzzy moment when a fellow blogger thinks of me for an award.

So what's my problem?

Well, there are just so many of them that come around... and they all want you to pass on the award to 5, or 7, or 9, other bloggers... so do you continue to award them to your genuine favourites, or do you think "well, I didn't include so-and-so last time, so she can have one this time"? Doesn't that just devalue the whole concept?

So, I am going to bend the rules a little bit, and pass on this award to one blogger, and one blogger only.

I found her blog through a carnival, when I was excited to find a fellow virology geek and promptly clicked through to the original post. Then I read some more posts... and some more... and then the entire archives... and discovered not only a fantastic blog and an awesome blogger, but a fabulous community of commenters that I promptly joined. And who followed me home to my own blog.

That one click was the start of my journey through the looking glass and into the community to which I now belong. I'm going to repeat something I said in a recent comment thread, in case any of you missed it:
"I just want to say how much I value the little community that's built up on this blog. When I first started to read blogs, I always preferred the ones where the commenters seemed to know each other, and talked amongst themselves, not just to the blogger. We seem to be getting there! Thank you all, and keep up the good work ;)"
So thank you, Mad Hatter, for introducing me to the original group of commenters who still drop in here and elsewhere!

And now, the cunning plan... Dude, I miss your blog! It makes me so sad to see it languishing at the bottom of my "most recent posts first" blog roll. And I am not the only one! So please, if you possibly can, pull off the dust cloths and polish the cups and saucers, it's time to restart the tea party!

If you agree, and you want Mad Hatter to start blogging again, leave her a comment on this thread... an avalanche of begging, pleading comments can only help! I see some of you have already started - good work!


  1. Mmmmmmmm, I like tea. And parties. And hats.

  2. Great choice! Hopefully she will come out of hiding!

  3. I hope so too! And yeah, I thought that this might be a good use of the award thingy.

  4. Yes please! I would love some more Mad Hatter.

  5. And I can! Wooo! Your new comment system freaked me out a bit. Anyway, yes, please get MH to come out of hiding. I miss her!!!

  6. Looks like you really started something, Cath... (although Sciencegirl earlier this week also issued a call for the Mad Hatter!)

  7. Yes, there's been a bit of convergent evolution around!

  8. Awww, you guys...I'm actually friggin' blushing sitting in front of my computer! Thank you so much. I just wrote a new post which I hope explains part of why I haven't been around lately. I miss you all too and hope to be back soon.

    Thanks for the award, Cath, and for keeping in touch. It's been really nice to have that connection while I was away.

  9. You've very welcome. And isn't the blogosphere great?

    Hope to see you at the top of my most-recently-updated-first blog roll on a regular basis!


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