Thursday, April 2, 2009

Confusing bilingual packaging

How can this be??!!

Cat food sans nom?

Google and Saba were confused too:

"We iz not noing Fwench, but smellz abit fishy. Erm, iz for nom?"

But eventually came around:

"Om nom nom nom nom nom"

All is well.


  1. LOL! Cats always seem to come around to just about any food, don't they?

  2. Yup, pretty much! They usually only get wet food once a week (when the Sunday sushi arrives, so they don't bug us too much), but as soon as I took this out of the cupboard to photograph the amusing French translation, they went so crazy that I had to give it to them.

  3. Ah, cat food with DIY nom. The beast approves heartily.

  4. He's trilingual: his native language is Strine.

  5. I've seen that no name translation so many times, and never thought anything of it till now...

  6. Hee hee! Strine! My friends and I went through a major Strine phase when Neighbours was really popular, drove our parents crazy.

    SM, I only looked because we hadn't bought that brand before... the juxtaposition with "dinner for cats" really jumped out at me!

  7. I always think "Yogurt without grass" when I look at the wrong side of the non-fat yogurt packaging.

    And my cat really is bilingual. I can call the few phrases she understands ("NO!" and "come here!") in either Dutch or English and the response is the same. (Yes, there actually is a response, although I have to yell "NO!" with increasing anger about 3-5 times before demolition activities cease. "Come here" has a much higher success rate.)

  8. I think my cats just about know what their names are. Any other instructions are ignored...

  9. I miss the sans nom brand or, for most of the time, the superstore brand. Before I started school here in the US, I cannot even remember the last time I bought name brand tuna. But then I miss random Cdn things like getting PFK delivered...hehe


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