Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mission: impossible?

Legendary Newcastle striker Alan Shearer will manage the club until the end of the season.

Presuming that the BBC isn't playing an April Fool's joke, that is.

The local hero, who has an almost God-like status on Tyneside, is the fourth manager this season (!!!) and has just eight games to keep us in the Premier League... with the first one being against Chelsea.

I'm excited and terrified in equal measures.

Good luck Alan - you'll need it. But don't worry, we'll still love you whatever happens!

p.s. I know no-one cares, but if I didn't "tell" someone, I'd explode! I'd usually call my Dad, but he's on holiday in Malta.


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  2. Oh, look, someone does care. How sweet!

  3. And you're even respectful to spam comments! Wow!

  4. I usually just delete them without comment, but in this case I thought it was amusing that it appeared so quickly after I said that no-one would care about this post!

  5. Wow, that's a hard first game to have. I don't suppose they are followed up by Arsenal and Man U? Heh.


    Thanks Hermitage!

    Yup, tough game. We lost to Arsenal in the last one though, and Man U a couple of weeks before, so at least that's out of the way.

    Next up are Stoke City, Tottenham, Portsmouth, Liverpool (who will destroy us), Middlesbrough, Fulham and Villa.

    My fingernails don't stand a chance.

  7. Why now? Why didn't he take the job at the start of the season, or last season? He doesn't have much time to get sorted out.

    That's not too bad a run-in: Stoke, Portsmouth and 'boro are all beatable, and you might be able to get something from Spurs and Fulham. But yeah, Liverpool will be looking to improve their goal difference. Perhaps if you didn't pretend it was a training match?

  8. Yay, Bob is here!

    Why now?

    1) He wouldn't take the job until Dennis Wise was booted out
    2) He wouldn't take the job until Ashley got down on his knees and begged
    3) He only took the job when relegation started to look more probable than not, because he's a good Geordie lad who wants to save the club
    4) He waited until things were so bad that he couldn't possibly be blamed if we went down, but gets to be the hero if we stay up

    He's saying 3, and I hope that's true. I suspect 1 and/or 2. I hope it's not 4.

  9. I doubt it's 1: he could have engineered that very easily, by saying that he wouldn't take the job if Wise was at the club. Then he could sit back and let the supporters do his work.

    I'm sure there's an element of 3, but Newcastle have been in trouble for a couple of years, so he could have stepped in at any time. That makes me wonder if there's an element of 4 as well.

  10. He's saying he was only approached last weekend... anyway, interesting times ahead!


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