Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun, rabbit, fun!

I got to be the Easter Bunny this year, and if I do say so myself, I think I did a stellar job of making the eggs just hard enough to find.

My mother-in-law has an amazing property. She has a cozy house that her late husband built,

a beautiful formal garden,

a small patch of 2nd growth forest,

and my favourite, the sea lion rock.

I did briefly consider hucking an egg or two into the swamp to see exactly what a nine year old boy will do for chocolate, but you'll be glad to hear that I thought better of it.

We saw the usual deer come on through, which was great. My MIL hasn't seen a cougar in years, but the bear still visits from time to time. But the scariest wildlife was spotted at about 11 am on Easter Sunday:

The hunt over, the pack of wild nephews animals retires to its den to gorge on its prey.


  1. nice pictures and cute narrative!!

  2. Excellent egg hiding. Oh, and to alleviate your wondering a 9 year old boy will climb onto the roof of a house-- without a ladder-- to get at chocolate (as my brother has proven). So, I think a little swamp wouldn't stand in their way!

  3. You should have tossed one into the swamp - I would have :)

  4. That does look beautiful, Cath. Nice job on the egg-hiding. I'm glad to hear you thought better of chucking an egg into the swamp!

    Me, I just threw plastic eggs onto our back lawn, then let my girls loose. The four-year old *still* had trouble finding eggs in plain sight! But her toddler sister was scooping them right up!

  5. Thanks Phizzle and Mrs CH! No-one else wanted to go out in the rain to hide eggs, but I actually enjoyed it. It's good to get the little buggers to work for their chocolate!

    Amanda, why was there chocolate on your roof?!

    PiT, it wouldn't have bothered them, but I don't think their Granny would have been too happy about the swamp mud getting all over her beautiful house!

    BeanMom, sounds like fun! The boys missed a LOT of my eggs the first couple of times around the garden, but as the initial frenzy wore off they started looking properly!

  6. I'm somewhat envious of those lumps of rock and that table and what a wonderful looking wood, there must be all sorts of interesting things living amongst that greenery

  7. Yes, it's a photographer's paradise! It's a shame I have no idea what I'm doing and just point and snap.


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