Thursday, April 16, 2009


(Regular readers may have noticed a recent increase in the number of short and/or image-based posts. This is all because of Resolution A ii. I definitely don't want to give up blogging, but I do need to reduce the amount of time I spend on it. It's also the NHL playoffs. Please bear with me; I'll try to drop the occasional more substantial post in!)


Mr E Man consistently beats me at pretty much every game we play. He'd tell you that it's because of his vastly superior skill, but I'd like to point out that almost every single game has some element of luck, and that the luck usually goes his way.

You know your letters are bad when you feel compelled to take a photo of them. These letters were actually better than the 4 Is I had for the prior two hands. Surely they can't get any worse though.

Oh, look, wrong again. These will be fun to get rid of during the endgame.

Final score: Cath 168, Mr E Man 304. Although I would like to point out that he got the X, the Z, the Q and the J, and put them in places where I couldn't use them. He doubled my rummy score on the ferry home too.


*"Scrabble" with all the good point-scoring letters removed


  1. Gah - I hate Scrabble! Mostly because Mr. CH kicks my butt every time - although I think it's because of the same reason you present here :)

  2. Mrs H, well, obviously it's all luck ;)

    Makita, you are a genius! I could have put that next to the BLOOM to make GO and UM, and got 16 points. I think that woud have been one of my best rounds of the game.

  3. haha, I will so never play scrabble in English. I would get my ass kicked _every time_....

    good luck though!

  4. The last time March Hare and I played Scrabble, he came up with this super-crazy-awesome word at the end that would've totally blown me out of the water. Except he spelled it wrong. We haven't played since.

  5. Chall, very wise, it's difficult enough in your own language!

    MH, was there a tantrum? There would have been at my house ;)

    Mr E Man's usual ruse is to spend 20 minutes per turn looking for a 7 letter word. And he often gets it. By the time he's finally taken his turn, I'm usually so bored and frustrated that I just go immediately without calculating what the absolute best move on the board is. I now know to read a book while I'm waiting for him to move...

  6. Yay! There is someone else with the same luck as me. ;) I feel so much better.

  7. I'm not a native English speaker, and I routinely beat hubby and mother-in-law. I just look for words that "intersect" many times.

  8. MXX, we should have a game then! Facebook maybe?

    Makita, that's the key... I do it quite well when I get decent letters.

    I am undefeated at Boggle, where everyone gets the same letters!

  9. I've played Scrabble several times, but I always manage to muck up the rules some way or another, leading to the Scrabble vets getting frustrated with me, giving me endless reasons why I cannot use that triple word score. I am convinced it is simply a conspiracy to keep me from winning *cough*

  10. Hermitage, that and "that's not in the dictionary!". (We had to buy an official scrabble dictionary off eBay in order to resolve all disputes).


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