Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wouldn't you think

that a drawer that looks like this

would contain at least one paper clip?

Sushi menu, safety goggles, golf balls & tees, two sets of allen keys, numerous screwdriver and drill bits, spackle, used and new batteries, camera film (I've had a digital camera for five years), elastic bands, crazy glue and a sanding block: all present and correct. Paper clips, nope.

Oh well, at least the taxes are done, even if I can't assemble and mail the filing package just yet.


  1. Why don't you spackle it together?

    I filed electronically, because with a T2202 (tuition form) you can do that for free.

  2. I think using spackle would automatically trigger an audit!

  3. er ... what's spackle? Is it a breakfast cereal?

  4. PolyFilla.

    I may have been away from home too long.

  5. I think we all have at least one drawer like that. My favourite is when I am looking for something and come across a chocolate bar that got stored in there for some reason. Bonus! Doesn't help the project, but makes me happy anyway.

  6. That's never happened to me before, but I do love it when I switch back to my winter coat in the autumn and find a $20 note in there.

  7. I actually posted a blog about "junk" spaces when I first started blogging and couldn't find something I was looking for. Though the drawer had several random items you could never actually need, something useful (a lighter I think) was no where to be found... I did find a small blow-torch thing for caramelizing sugar though. Something I hadn't used since I gave up my domestic nature and returned to school, yet it somehow still made the trip to PA!!

  8. I bet there is a paperclip in the drawer, but you will only find it (a) when you don't need it or (b) when you move.

  9. SB, I'll have to go and look up that post!

    MXX, very true. I should go and look now that I don't need one...


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