Monday, May 11, 2009

How dumb am I?

Important things I forgot to mention in my last post:
  • I've had a chat with my boss, and I'm now much more confident about keeping my job when my contract runs out in November! The exact source of my salary - and therefore my job description - is still to be decided, but my boss and other PIs have seen enough benefit from having me around that they want to keep me. I won't truly believe I'm safe until I've seen a new contract* and/or the first paycheque after the end of my original contract, but I'm feeling a lot more secure right now.
  • It was my two year blogiversary on Saturday! I only figured this out about 10 minutes ago, when I had to read my first-ever post for actual valid work-related reasons.


*I need to re-read the original contract to figure out whether I'll need to sign a new one, or just keep on working away with no need for documentation.


  1. thats awesome. hopefully the good karma is able to spread to hockey as well!

  2. Happy blogiversary! And terrific news on the job front. :)

  3. Thanks all! I promise to stop being such an attention whore now ;)

  4. hooray hooray hooray! we are always happy to hear good news from you, don't ever hold back! you are FAR from an attention whore :).

  5. I thought that was the point of a blog? Getting attention I mean?

    Happy 2-year!

  6. Is your type of position typically contract, or is this just your situation?
    BTW - Congrats on the verbal renewal. Woo hoo:)

  7. Oh, but those are just minor details ;) Congrats!

  8. More good news! Dude, what do I need to do to have a week like that? Is there some kind of special dance??? :-)

  9. Adding my late congrats, Cath. I've also had a verbal promise for the renewal of my position this fall...

  10. Congrats on the citizenship, first royalty check (you can now officially call yourself a writer) job promise, and not least the blogiversary.

    This week brought me a job offer, a much more interesting second interview - and thus a huge dilemma! It must be something in the air...

  11. Thanks again, everyone! You guys rock :)

    MXX,I don't know if there are enough of us out there for there to be a "typical" situation yet! In my case I'm funded by a very specific, time-limited source (not actually a grant, but same concept), and that source will have to switch when I move into what will hopefully be classed as a permanent position. But as I say, funding source and therefore job description are TBD...

    SG, yeah, not very important really ;)

    MH, no dance, you just have to sacrifice your local sports team's playoff run and the governance of your province for the next 4 years to the karma gods... swings and roundabouts!

    BM, that's great! Many congratulations to you too!

    Lisbeth, that's a great dilemma to have! Very exciting, and congratulations! And yeah, I'm definitely calling myself a writer now.


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