Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bragging Rights Central: stats and a reminder about the annual vote!

It's that time of year again!

The shortlist of my favourite blog comments for the year is down to 33 entries, and as soon as I've managed to whittle it down to 12, we will be ready for a vote!

I had a blast reading through all the archives. I really do have amazing commenters, and I'm very proud of this community of clever, insightful, and very very funny people. Many, many thanks to everyone who's read and commented - you are the reason I love blogging so much! Making the final cut is going to be very difficult indeed - not to mention the fact that any comments made this week will also count, so there could be a late flurry of even more contenders...

Anyway, before announcing the final 12 contenders for the readers' vote, I've introduced a couple of extra prizes this year! I've tallied up the comments and posts of the week, to see who was the most prolific in each category, and the results are below.

The winner of each category gets a $20 (Canadian) Amazon gift certificate, as well as 2010 Bragging Rights (Quantitative)!

Drumroll please...

Most "Comment of the Week" wins:

Yay, Chall! Many congratulations!

Most "Post of the Week" wins:

And it's an extra Chanukah present for Cromercrox! Woohoo!

Chall and Cromercrox, please email me at vwxynot at gmail and we'll sort out your prizes!

And, to make sure I honour everyone who won bragging rights this year, the other winners (who I couldn't include above without making the charts look ridiculous) were as follows:

Comments of the week: Cromercrox, DuWayne, EcoGeoFemme, Lisbeth, Pika, Professor in Training, RPS77 and Ruchi featured twice each;
Amanda@LadyScientist, Ambivalent Academic, Bean-Mom, Biocheme Belle, DrugMonkey, Elizabeth, GrrlScientist, HGG, MadHatter, Mel, Nat Blair, Natalie, Pawl Bearing, Prof-like Substance, ScienceGirl, Silver Fox, Sonja and Unbalanced Reaction featured once each.

(I can reveal that three people from this list have made the shortlist of the top 33 comments!)

Posts of the week: Alyssa, Anthony Fejes, Austin Elliott, Eva Amsen, Jeanne Sather, Masks of Eris, Microbiologist XX, Pika, ScientistMother, Steffi Suhr, Stephen Curry, StyleyGeek, Thomas Joseph and Toaster Sunshine each had two posts make the cut;
Amanda@LadyScientist, Ambivalent Academic, Bean-Mom, Carlyn Zwarenstein, Caroline Sober, Digital Cuttlefish, DrugMonkey, EcoGeoFemme, Elizabeth Moritz, Frank Norman, GrrlScientist, Jim Caryl, Joseph Lewis, Linda Lin, MadHatter, Makita, MissPrism, PZ Myers, Raf Aerts, Richard Grant, Ruchi, Sara Fletcher, Scicurious, Uphill Down Dale, Viktor Poor and Vishal Kalel had one post in BRC this year.

Again, many thanks to everyone who's read, commented, and/or posted this year. You're all winners!


  1. That damn Chall. I bet she wins the hockey pool too.



  2. I now know that one of my 2011 New Year's Resolutions will be "be funnier on Cath's blog".

    I love that you've maintained BRC for so long. It adds another humorous dimension to your blog!

  3. Bob: nono, have you seen my points currently? abysmal you'll be a winner i'm sure ;)

    Cath: Woho! I'm humbled and so happy that you have found my comments funny! (and it's so much fun reading this on a Saturday night before oging for cocktails. another reason to celebrate)

    Will be fun to read the last 12 fave comments, almost like "12 day of Xmas! but with comments" :)

  4. oh, and I'm in awe you keep count and record of all comments. It's quite a feat!

  5. Ok... new years resolution: Must Comment More!

    Hey look, I'm starting it early. (=

  6. should totally do a "12 comments of Christmas" like Chall said!

  7. Ha! I can't even remember I wrote 6 posts of the week!
    There is (lots) more fieldwork coming, so I'm sure more of my posts will make it to your prize winning categories, and perhaps that thought will keep me sane in the field.

  8. It makes me very happy indeed that I've made one of your lists this year - considering how little I've done I probably don't deserve it!!

  9. "12 Comments of Christmas"!!! It would be a new tradition!

    And thank you, Cath. Blogs like yours are what make blogging so much fun =)

  10. How exciting!! I can't wait to read the comments and see who makes the list.

  11. Yeah-yeah - just put even more pressure on us to think of shortlist-worthy comments this week ;)
    Do love that you make these summaries, though!

  12. Seems to me I ought to comment less, and post more. 12 Comments of the Week, zero Posts of the Week.

    Or maybe I just need to write more interesting stuff.

    Or something.

  13. Now now Bob, there's no need to be bitter. Just because Chall beats you at everything, there's no reason to hold it against her.

    Eco, oh, I do hope no-one's disappointed by not making the main charts - everyone who made it even once is a winner in my book!

    I <3 BRC. It's a lovely part of my end-of-week ritual. I'll keep it going for as long as I have a blog (or at least for as long as I have a blog that people comment on!)

    Chall, congratulations to our worthy winner! I hope you enjoyed your celebratory cocktails :)

    Although I do quite like the 12 comments of Christmas idea, that would be more complicated and time-consuming than just introducing them all at once in one post. Sorry!

    Anthony, it's good to get your New Year's resolutions ticked off in December of the old year :)

    Alyssa, sorry, but see above. Maybe next year!

    Nina, yay! I sometimes feel guilty for finding your painful fieldwork experiences so damn funny, but, well, never for very long :)

    Steffi, it's not the quantity of blog posts you write that's important, it's the quality! And hey, there were two weeks this year when you wrote something I liked better than anything else I read all week, so the quality is clearly not lacking! Hope to see more posts soon ;)

    Bean-Mom, thank you for saying that! But really, this blog would be nothing without its community of commenters.

    MicroXX, I'm having a really hard time whittling it down!

    Cromercrox, indeed! Feel free to put the award on your blog :)

    Lisbeth, glad you enjoyed it! Now get back to work on the commenting!

    Ricardipus, sorry dude, I'm just not into cars :)

  14. Cath, something's up with the post that links to your new digs. Where are you now???

  15. I'm still here. Nothing to see, move along, please.

  16. Too much wine for me, apparently. ;)

  17. Damn, I had completely missed I've had a comment of the week. And what a surprise it was a ranty one!

  18. Mmm, my rankings are deliciously d-listy! It could only have been better if there'd been a miss congeniality section!

  19. Hermitage, you clearly just need to comment more often :)

    BTW, remember that you were the only person to have two comments in the best of the year vote last year!

  20. Somebody has been faking up posts that sound like me as I can't possibly have said 11 insightful or funny things in a year. And certainly not all in one place.



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