Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday pet peeve: tired of weary

Yes, it's another pedantic pet peeve!

I hear more and more people saying they're "weary" of something when what they mean is that they're cautious, suspicious, or distrustful of it.

You're looking for "wary", or maybe "leery". "Weary" means tired. If you say you're "weary of" something, it means you're bored or dissatisfied with it.

Go on. Look it up. Any dictionary will do.


A plague of insomnia upon people who misuse the word "weary"!

p.s. it's my second wedding anniversary today! I can hardly believe it. I am definitely not weary (or wary, or leery) of Mr E Man.


  1. Oh well, congratulations!

    I'm weary, but that's probably just the jetlag.

  2. LOL I've never noticed people saying "weary" - perhaps it'll catch on here soon.

    Congrats on your second anniversary!

  3. never heard that misuse before either. Congrats on year 2!

  4. Hmm, maybe it's a British thing (there are many British websites, TV shows, and podcasts in my life).

    Thanks for the congratulations, everyone! Mr E Man is taking me out for dinner tonight.

  5. OOOOH I HATE THAT ONE!!! I heard it a lot when I lived in the South.

    Congrats on the anniversary!

  6. Yay! It's always good to hear I'm not alone in my peeves.

    But there's no place for peevishness now, I'm about to head home to see my lovely hubby and go out for a nice romantic dinner.

  7. Happy Anniversary! And you're not alone. People around here do the same thing.

  8. Good to know! And thanks! Dinner was awesome.

  9. Congrats - and glad you had a nice romantic dinner! Hubby and I just celebrated our third (with a trip to NASA of all things - I know: once a geek, always a geek).

  10. ScienceGirl, congratulations to you too! That sounds awesome!

    Stepwise girl, thanks!

  11. Congratulations!
    Yesterday was our 2 months anniversary :)

  12. I'm late, but happy anniversary!

    I hate that one too, yet once when I was looking through my archives for an old post, I found that I had done it myself. Shame!

  13. Thanks!

    Oops on your typo! Did it make you hate the mistake more, or less?


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