Monday, August 3, 2009

We see BC

What better way to celebrate BC Day than to show you some lovely views of Vancouver from this weekend?

On Saturday night we had a very disappointing dinner at a pub that obviously coasts by on its fantastic location on the waterfront without paying much attention to the quality of its food, beverages, or service. The best part was watching the parade of boats heading out into the harbour to watch the fireworks, and trying to decide which one we'd buy if we had the money.

There are some very bizarre boat names out there, which led to some speculation on their origins:

Mary's Promise III (she broke the first two)

Amesia IV (they forgot where they'd moored the first three, so they had to keep buying new ones)

Scot Free (bought using the proceeds of a bank robbery; police clueless).

We then headed to a friend's fantastic penthouse apartment to watch the fireworks and admire the view:

Burrard Bridge (you'd think that the owner of a penthouse suite would be able to afford to clean his windows, eh?)

Granville Island
The crowd gathers...

To watch the show

The fireworks were part of an annual international competition; Saturday was China's turn, and they put on a hell of a show. I hadn't seen any of the other entries though. I know it makes me sound boring, but after watching from a boat, or someone's aunt's beach-front apartment, or a wealthy friend's penthouse, watching from 5 rows back on the beach or bridge and fighting either the crazy traffic or the mental transit crowds just doesn't seem worth it. So now we only bother if we're guaranteed a spectacular view! This makes us pariahs in some Vancouver circles.


Yesterday was our friends' 4th Annual BC Day Weekend BBQ on Spanish Banks beach. We had a huge crowd of friends, complete with loads of kids and several dogs, one sporting a jaunty red feather boa in honour of Pride Week; we played bocce ball, we swam, we ate chicken wings and salmon and potatoes and salads and cookies, and drank lots of beer. We then headed back downtown (I spent more time downtown this weekend than in an average month) to an out-of-town friend's hotel suite, for yet more spectacular balcony views:

Another sunset

Stanley Park, Lions Gate Bridge, and the North Shore mountains

I swear that the tourist board is not paying me!

Happy BC Day everyone!


  1. ;)

    How about I post photos of the endless grey dreary drizzle in November? Y'know, for balance?

  2. November? Don't you mean Nov - Mar? There's a reason MEC sells so much rain gear.

  3. Yeah, but in Dec-Mar, you can go skiing / snow shoeing etc, so the rain doesn't bother me! If it's raining in town, it's snowing on the mountains!

  4. I would not be dissuaded. I grew up in WA. Everyone needs a place that supports the occasional melancholy.

  5. I will not be conned by your Vancouver trickery! I know the minute I got there it would start raining immediately and constantly for days. Kind of like how it snowed when I went to visit Seattle in late spring/early summer. It's all a scam!

  6. was the pub Bridges?? Name names!! what a great weekend you're having! :))

  7. AA, LOL! And the mists and clouds look so lovely as they hug the trees on the mountainside.

    Hermitage, damnit! I must perfect my bait-and-switch techniques.

    SM, nope, I've always enjoyed Bridges! It was the Pirate, on the other side of False Creek.

  8. ghhh, I coming over right now ...

    I know what you mean about the fireworks, my grandma used to live first row! Watchin fireworks from the beach is not the same as watching from the balcony/window with ice cream and cold drinks right there :)

  9. Definitely! The beach is fun, but only if you live within walking distance!

  10. So, when will Canada institute AD day?

  11. When the existence of domini is proven


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