Thursday, September 3, 2009

Supersize me!

It's that time of year again.

Mid-August to mid-October is Big Canadian Grants time and, as usual, I'm feeling the pressure of deadlines and red tape.

I usually respond by increasing the number of cups of tea I drink each day.

But not this year!

I just bought a new cup.

We must, we must, we must increase our cup size!

Denial WIN! And, say what you want about Starbucks, but they sell the biggest mugs in town.

Sorry, Mermaid - I still love the Creativi-tea cup that you got me! I'm just using it for juice instead.

p.s. my colleague said that my new mug was inappropriate for tea and should only be used for coffee.

"Because it says Starbucks Coffee on it?"

"No, because it's brown. And coffee is brown."

"So is tea!"

"No it isn't!"

"It is in Britain!"

"It isn't in China! And we invented it!"

"Well, we're in Canada. Which the British invented."

p.p.s. my other (British) colleague asked if I'll be drinking from a bucket next year.


  1. Can you get buckets with handles on the side?

  2. Dunno, but Mr E Man might be able to make me one... either that or I could drink straight from a teapot.

  3. That is just plain awesome. Another idea would be to get one of those Big Gulp cups from 7-11.

  4. Good luck with all the work!

    I think you need to come to America for a bucket-sized cup for just one person. :)

  5. I'm pretty sure Dunkin Donuts is moving in the bucket direction. They have an extra large coffee that comes with a Sherpa to carry it.
    And I love the fact that the British invented Canada. Don't you mean "asked Canada to grow up, get a job and stop living off its parents" in 1931?

  6. So next year you are going to need a Texas-sized cup, eh? (That is bigger than "supersized," for the record).

  7. Love it! I will have to find a 'bucket' with handles to leave on your desk. Maybe an ice bucket (the kind for wine not the lab kind)? They often have handles and are even insulated to keep your tea warm longer :).

  8. Love the "creativi-tea" cup! (too bad it's too small!)

    And good luck with the grant season ahead. Ugh.

  9. Alyssa, those cups are definitely bigger - but unsuitable for tea. Plastic just doesn't work for me, I like a real ceramic mug!

    Thanks, EGF! Any specific recommendations of stores that sell huge ceramic mugs? I'll look out for one next time I'm down south!

    PlS, what a great mental image! Of course, Britain then asked its offspring to return 8 years later to help with the chores.

    p.s. one of the things I learned while studying for my citizenship test: all Canadian laws had to be signed off on by British authorities until 1982. I couldn't believe the date, so I got my parents to guess when they thought it was, and they guessed the 60s at the latest...

    SG, Texas-sized tea sounds great, as long as the tea is made properly!

    Mermaid, sounds like a plan! (I'm glad you said "not the lab kind" though, ewww!)

    Thanks, Bean-Mom! I'm stressing out, as usual...

  10. So how much tea do you drink during the day?
    Oh and I think Starbucks sells wonderful teas, so of course you can use their mugs for tea!!! My first 100 visits to Starbucks in Vancouver were for their Earl Gray tea. Don't know how they do it but that is the best Earl Gray I ever tasted.

  11. Nina, one big or two small cups in the morning, and then at least one, sometimes two, big cups in the afternoon.

    Starbucks is OK for tea. I mean, I'll go if I'm in the States, because it's usually the best option around, but there are other places I'd rather go in Vancouver!

  12. then you'll have to take me to some of those tea options when I am in Vancouver :)

    I thought your tea intake would be measured in liters by the way... but of course the cup is huge. I prefer smaller cups actually, so the tea doesn't get cold while I drink it. In winter I usually drink 2 cups at breakfast, then make myself a 1.5 liter pot and drink it during the day. And some before going to bed. When I am not drinking tea, I have to go to the bathroom ;)

  13. It's about quality, not quantity, my friend!

    I was thinking mmore of taking you to a beer place...


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