Sunday, October 18, 2009

For EcoGeoFemme!

Comment on my last post: "I'm really the first American commenter on this post? yikes! Maybe you should make another map with your regular commenters' countries. :)"

Well, I'm both cheap and lazy, so I haven't switched from my free (but limited) account at to Google Analytics yet. So I can't give you my overall, all-time breakdown, but here's the location of my last 500 visitors:

This is reasonably typical, I think!

I'd be interested to see the breakdown from other bloggers' stats, if anyone has the time and the inclination!


  1. Seems similar to what I'd get, even though I'd have more Danish, Swedish, and Australian visitors than you, and a lot less Canadian.

  2. Yeah, I guess we all form little local blog communities!

    I should say that these stats don't include my own visits, which are blocked from showing up in statcounter.

  3. Done! Cool idea.

    I get fewer Canadians as well. Do your Canadians come from all over, or are more from Vancouver? I wonder if I'd get more local visitors if I wrote about my city (I know it's pretty obvious where I am, but I don't write about it explicitly). Actually, I get a sorta disturbing number of local hits but I don't know if those people know they are my neighbors.

  4. Hmm, let me check:

    64 from BC, 19 from Alberta, 7 each from Ontario and Quebec, 1 each from Manitoba and New Brunswick.

    Wow, those numbers change quickly! That doesn't add up to 120, lol! Oh, right, I just got a new influx of US visitors from the new post showing up in Reader or whatever.

    So, yeah, a definite bias towards my local area. But then a lot of my posts are about Vancouver, so it's to be expected, I guess.

    What % of your US visitors are from your home town?

  5. There are currently 4 visitors from my area in my log, but there are usually more than that. Also, one of those came from my work(!), which feels weird. I've had a different visitor from my workplace before too. There's little chance these people know me, but it's still weird.

  6. I just looked at my stats - not from statcounter but from sitemeter - and have a huge "unknown" field, which renders the data almost useless. Top U.S. with 64%; Unknown with 11%; Canada with 6%; UK with 4%; Ireland, Norway, Brazil each with 2%; and Germany, India, Finland, Netherlands Antilles, Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, South Africa, New Zealand each with 1%.

    I think my Unknowns went up when I started getting hits via Twitter, and it looks like maybe I should switch to statcounter for better data!

  7. Yeah, what's with all those unknowns?! Are people actively hiding their location?

  8. I just don't think sitemeter is that good at determining locations. It got worse about six months ago, and maybe that's because of twitter, but don't really know.


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