Monday, October 19, 2009

Hockey Pool, Week 3

What's that I see in my rear view mirror?

Oh, right: everyone else!

Spasiba, Alexander!


  1. p.s. pick deadline for next week is 7pm EST today. Ditch your injured Swedes!

  2. Ugh - I did so crappy this week (in my football pool too). Hopefully I can make up some ground this week.

  3. That weird gap in the schedule hit all of us, I think. The overall winner for this week in the larger pool had 40 points - almost twice my own total!

  4. Oh Cath, if i had been there in week one you'd be trying to catch up to me!! URGH it so unfair!

  5. let's hope it is a long season.... although i seem to level out. If I can get the same mojo as in the football league I might have a chance (I'm at least consistant there, with no whopping points but consistant and ok - here, not so much.)

    I entered the frigging Ovechkin train (can¨t even spell it.... ) oh yeah me of little faith ;)

  6. it is a long season, and soon I will be front!


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