Monday, October 26, 2009

Hockey Pool, Week 4

Mixing it up a bit this week... when I first set up the pool, someone called AJBroome joined it. I didn't know who this person was, and my attempts to contact him/her failed. However, this person contacted me for a different reason over the weekend, and I now know that it's a regular reader (albeit one who can't post due to some kind of work browser/firewall conflict), rather than some random person who found the pool through an internet search! So he/she has now been added to the pool update spreadsheet.

Another person for me to beat...

AJ, I don't know your preferred username and whether you would prefer a gender-neutral pseudonym to your real name, so I'll use the name you joined the pool under and will not disclose anything else about you unless you let me know that it's OK.


  1. apparently joining the Crozby/Overschek team works....

    less swedes and more... ehh... "cool" people? :)

  2. ooooh fun!! Are you doing the CBC pool or something else? How about them Canucks??? My new fave is Grabner. What a firecracker!!

  3. I still think that if you've got a hockey pool, you're doing something wrong. Like having the heating on too high.

  4. *splort* at Bob.

    Alyssa, I'll add a completely gratuitous LEAFS SUCK! to that ROAR! It was a good week for the Canucks ;)

    Chall, Swedes are cool! Just ask any Canucks fan!

    A, it's the Rogers Sportsnet one, at It's great, it does most of the work for me!


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