Friday, October 23, 2009


I had a bad dream last night.

I dreamed that my Mum told me I was boring. And, what's worse, my sister backed her up! That little traitor!

This turned into a dream of me running away from home (i.e. my parents' house, despite being an adult in the dream) on the number 10 bus (there is no number 10 bus route anywhere near my parents' house, but somehow this seemed very important), with the family dog - an Old English Sheepdog called Charlie (we have never had a dog). It turned into one of my recurring "being chased by something I can't see" dreams, and I woke up in that middle of the night state where you think that everything in the dream was real.

I was quite distraught. OMG, people think I'm boring??!!

But then the slightly-more-awake part of my brain said "but people comment on your blog! You can't be that boring!".

And I settled back into blissful, dreamless sleep.

Does anyone know a good therapist?


  1. Who needs a therapist when you can blog and receive comments?

  2. You are the opposite of boring. When I have dreams like that I always wonder what happened in real life to trigger this sort of irrational worry.

  3. Bob, I'll set Charlie on you.

    Makita, I'm more worried about some kind of blog dependency ;)

    AA, thanks!

    I blame EcoGeoFemme, actually (see comment of the week!)

  4. haha, I find it intriguing on How you got to the dream, as AA says Öwhere do they come from, what triggers them.

    Considering you get comments on all your blog posts and EGF already pointed to the number of days neede´d = 500 visitors ; I don't think you need worrying :)

    Happy weekend. And hope you sleep better tonight.

  5. I usually find that when I first wake up, I have no idea where a dream came from - but I often figure it out within a couple of hours. If not, it's gone forever!

    Thanks for your nice comments! Here's hoping for good nights sleep all around.

  6. Therapist? Who needs a therapist when chocolate and Doritos are on hand?

  7. Boo for bad dreams!

    You are so totally NOT boring!

    And I so totally sound like such a bitch in that comment! yikes!

  8. No therapist I'm afraid! I've thought about dream interpretation before, but mine are just far too random to be bothered. For instance, I don't really remember last night's dream, but I have a feeling I was dancing the Macarena?! No idea where that came out of.

    I don't think you're boring. In fact, you're rather interesting!

  9. Do you think that that dream expresses nothing but your deep sense of guilt from your stint with telecommuting ?

  10. My family have been very amused by my latest dream; in it I bought home some penguins from a sheepdog trail, they had chicks were living in a hole in the barn wall, I kept the adult penguins in the chicken run, I was very worried that we didn't have enough fish in the garden pond to feed them.
    Did somebody mention chocolate and Doritos, never boring.

  11. PiT, I know you will have a hard time understanding this, but Doritos don't really do it for me. I need Kettle chips or some other salty potato delight.

    EGF, no you don't! And anyway, reading about the same thing post after post after post is tedious. (I'll try to hold off on the Olympic excitement ;)) oh, and thanks!

    Lab Pixie, welcome! And thank you! I don't think I've ever dreamed about dancing... unless it was a nightmare about the first dance at our wedding, with everyone watching and Mr E Man suddenly realising why I'd wanted us to practice...

    Massimo, you mean my cunning plan to be all productive in order to make a point, and then IMing you to tell you about it, and then spending 30 minutes chatting instead of working? ;) (It's OK, I was on the clock (on and off) until about 9.45 that night, but we made our deadline! No more external deadlines until after my vacation! Woooooooo!)

    UHDD, that's a graeat one! I love dreams, the more random the better! (I love penguins too)

  12. Blogging is therapy! And the next time you are worried about being boring, just look at your "Who goes there?" map.

  13. Cath, you know that you're not boring!

    And I'm scared of therapists. Maybe if I knew some I wouldn't be...

    Kettle chips. Mmmmm....

  14. Thanks both!

    In my waking life, I'm reasonably assured of my non-boringness. I was just greatly amused that my half-asleep brain used my blog to reassure me!


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