Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Actual conversation

Colleague 1: "What are you working on right now?"

Me: "A progress report for Dr. X"

Colleague 2: "I don't think I know Dr. X, what does he look like?"

Me: (Thinks) "Harry Potter"


Colleage 2: "Oh, that guy! Yeah, I know who he is!"


  1. Hehe! I know a guy who looks like Harry Potter, but he's in England, so probably not the same guy, so nevermind...

  2. The Dutch prime minister also looks like Harry Potter, no joke!

  3. Alyssa, I bet it's quite a common look!

    Chall, it made me laugh!

    Nina, I Googled him and you're so right! He's closer than Dr. X facially, but Dr. X's hair is more Potter-like.

  4. Try googling the Australian prime minister. He's the love child of Harry Potter and Draco Melfoy.


  5. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That's cruel.

    But very funny.

  6. Haha! You should elect this post for next year's Bragging Rights Central. :)

  7. Yeah, I could nominate my own posts and comments, and buy myself a present! Wooooo!

  8. well, Dutch prime minister had a haircut not long after he became prime minister and the Harry Potter comments started ...
    I'm not familiar with Harry Potter I must admit, and also not too much with Dutch politics at the time, but I am sure that prime minister could learn from Harry.

  9. I'm sure all politicians wish they could do magic!

  10. My supervisor looks like a Caucasian Barack Obama.


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