Monday, December 14, 2009

Hockey Pool, Week 11

I made up one measly point on That Damn Alyssa this week.



  1. congrats, that damn alyssa :)

    I'm having a very straight trajectory on my line (that are the correct terms, right?!) but if I could get that elusive (over 30 p) that's be great...

  2. :) That makes me feel better about my very very crappy day (see tomorrow's post).

  3. Chall, I'd say trajectory, or maybe slope. I'm yet to break 30 too!

    Alyssa, glad to help! I do hope the crappiness is temporary.

  4. Wow, Chall, you're kicking everyone's asses so far this week!

    I forgot to mention that I'm going to my first regular season game of the year on Sunday, versus St. Louis, those Canadian anthem-booing bastards!

  5. Cath> I know... :D

    but it is still early in the week... wait for those "kill chall games on a Saturday" ;)

    I have done for a while though, the "look who is playing 4 games this week, maybe he can score more then..."

  6. huh, I am sloppy. I have had 37 and 30 points already :) Week 5 and week 9. . . . . this week I am (so far) the best :D but I guess it is still TDA that is your main problem Cath?!? Although, I am stepping up me thinks...

    (pride before fall and all that... no strange thing so I'll shut up now)


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