Monday, December 21, 2009

Hockey pool: week 12

The "holy crap, look at Chall go!" edition.

Well done Chall, and That Damn Alyssa, who had another good week. ScientistMother, you and I need to represent the West Coast a bit better than we've been managing lately!

I'd like to point out that if Burrows' goal last night had been allowed LIKE IT TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN (I was at the game, so I know), I would have had another two points for sure, plus the Canucks would totally have gone on to score more goals and get a win for Luongo, and I'd be feeling a lot happier about having to update the pool today.

Ah well. Happy Solstice, everyone!


  1. Also, I took Mason Raymond out of my line-up last Monday, and he went on to get 5 points. But I just know that if I put him back in, he'll injure himself in a bizarre holly-based accident a couple of minutes after the pick deadline.

  2. i haven't had time to look at my picks for two weeks.. i really really need to make some adjustments.

  3. I just made my picks for the next two weeks - I won't be able to change them from my sister-in-law's place.

    Sorry, Luongo, you know I love you, but until the team stops playing like they're hungover or have the flu, you can not be my goalie any more.

  4. You know what bugged me the other week? I had Brodeur, and he had an assist, and you don't get any points for goalies getting assists or goals! What total BS :P

    Congrats to Chall for a great week!

  5. Really?! That seems a bit unfair (although I can't bring myself to be too sad that you didn't pull away even further this week... ;) )

  6. I mean, really, if anything, goalies should get extra points for getting an assist or a goal. I mean, come on!!

  7. Alyssa: THanks :)

    Cath: I am having a luck week in hockey (after that abysmal last weekend in NFL I think that was the best that could happen). It's going to be interesting to see what happens later on since the hockey year is loooooong.

    And I do think it is fun to see the slope differences rather than only the points as per the site. Thanks for making these nice easy read graphs!

  8. Alyssa: you'd think so!

    Chall, I'm glad you like the graphs. Alyssa did an extra one when she hosted, but I'm lazier than her ;)


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