Monday, March 22, 2010

Hockey pool, week 23

Man, I really sucked this week.

The regular season is coming to an end very soon, with just three more updates to come. It looks like Alyssa's got it; I'm not going to give up just yet, but it would be one hell of an upset if anyone else was to win!


  1. WOHO!!! I'm not slouching on my curve :)

    Don't worry about me though, I think I am safely in third place (don't catch me SM, please!) with a few more weeks to go. I do wonder though, is there going to be some kind of playoff thingy too? Clearly I want to try and win sometime.. :)

  2. Yeah, none of us really had an outstanding week, eh?

  3. Chall, yeah, you had a good week! I find it interesting that we're all basically in the same positions we've been since the very beginning!

    Alyssa, not a stellar performance, no :)


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