Monday, March 1, 2010

Note to self: leave better notes to self

I'm currently (intermittently, half-heartedly) tidying my inbox and desk after the latest round of grant applications. In the process, I uncovered a note in my own handwriting on the pad of post-its that I use for jotting down phone messages:
Louise Golbey

Same old same old

Hmmm, I thought.

Who the hell is Louise Golbey? And why did I react that way to her phone message? "Same old same old" implies that we were having a conversation that I found boringly familiar... but I just can't place that name. Did the grant-inspired adrenaline rush and/or the two-week Olympic party seriously addle my brains that much?!

I searched my email folders for her name - nothing.

I searched a couple of institutional contact lists - nothing.

But Google had the answer: she's a musician who was recently profiled on the "BBC Introducing" podcast, to which I subscribe.

She has a song called "Same Old, Same Old".

I keep a list of artists I've heard on podcasts who I want to investigate further, but it's usually as a note in my iPhone.Using the telephone message post-its instead probably saved me a couple of minutes on a busy day, but cost me much more than that in solving the mystery (and then blogging about it - d'oh!) today.

Anyway, you should check her out. I don't write that many names down in a given month, so her music obviously stands out, even if her name didn't!


  1. Makes me think of those strange things you write down when you wake up in the middle of the night with a Most Excellent Idea(TM). You know, the notes that are absolute gibberish when read again in the light of day.

    What, this doesn't happen to you?

    Never mind.

  2. I'm sure if she Google's her name, and finds this post, she will be pleased to know that she left such an indelible impression in your mind. ;)

    Though she may appreciate the rather unconventional shout-out for people to get her music.

  3. LOL.

    Hey, I just noticed your comment about the shower in the BRC. Thanks! It was cool because so many people contributed!

  4. Pretty funny, and here I was thinking that your poor friend would be so embarrassed to read this post about her boring life. :)

    I've left "Note to self" messages on twitter, wherein a bot repeats the message back to the @ inbox - but still, one has to check it! (Best for night messages right before bed when on mobile - but a notepad next to the bed works just as well.)

  5. Ricardipus, I did once wake up to find a note I'd written in the night saying "love is not a double blind placebo controlled experiment", but that was the only time. And it was after a Glasgow pub crawl.

    Thomas, well surely she'd be pleased to read that I heard her on a free podcast and now want to check out more of her music :)

    EGF, you're very welcome! It really was an awesome idea.

    Silver Fox, so you just type note to self and it pings back? That's an interesting trick to know!

  6. She has a couple of EPs on iTunes. I listened to the samples they have and she sounds pretty good. She sounds a bit like Duffy (IMO).

  7. I still find epp tubes in the freezer labelled "PCR 1" or something similar. So, yeah, I can tell it's not a tube of frozen water, but what the hell is PCR1? Was it so awesome that I was sure not to forget and felt compelled not to label it properly. This brings me to two important questions: (1) Can any PCR really be that awesome? and (2) Why, after so many years in the lab, do I still convince myself that I will remember what this actually means despite the fact that I never do?

  8. Thomas, I will check it out later! (I usually do this in batches)

    MXX, yeah, sounds veeeeeery familiar!

  9. But love is a double blind placebo controlled trial isn't it?

    But then beer makes me love everything too.


  10. I was in the last year of my PhD and had just been dumped by the man I thought I was going to marry*, if that helps to explain my mindset :)

    *best thing that ever happened to me, as it turns out, although it took a couple of years to realise that...

  11. I have had moments like that a lot lately. I'm trying to finish my thesis and looking through some of the notes I made the last time I finally broke down and read the whole thing through, instead of in sections... I have no idea what two of the comments mean, STILL.

  12. Oh dear... but I'm sure if they were important, you'd either remember what they meant or spot the same error in the thesis again on the second time of reading.


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