Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post hockey therefore proper rockin'

After the huge post-hockey party on Sunday night, Mr E Man and a friend who lives nearby shared a taxi home from downtown. Mr E Man told me the next morning that the 15 minute ride had been really fun - the driver was flying Canadian car flags and playing bhangra music, and was happy to crank it up to 11 when asked by his passengers, who were equally happy to keep the party going as they headed home, dancing in the back seat with all the windows open, shouting "YEAH!!!!" at pedestrians.

We heard last night that after Mr E Man got dropped off, the party continued even further...

Our friend was having such an awesome time that he asked the driver to take him back downtown for a drive around Stanley Park.

Halfway around the park, the driver was having such an awesome time that he switched off the meter.

An hour later, when our friend finally made it home, the driver gave him the CD of bhangra music as a parting gift.

For me, that story sums up the atmosphere in the city over the last couple of weeks.


  1. GREAT STORY! :) fun times!

    did i miss something, where were you?! Not downtown celebrating? (yes, I'm nosy)

    [something similar happened Friday after the nerve wrecking curling final. I'm sorry but I was soooo happy about it. I ended up buying a lot of drinks for friends :) maybe not the cheapest, but we got some extra ones since people were happy and happy that we were happy. it's just a great thing when there is happiness in the air!! :D ]

  2. Go Canada! And Chall, how awesome that other people were happy because you were happy. Another great example of how the Olympics influence all of us!

  3. :)

    Chall, yay happiness! Olympic spirit (and beer) FTW!

    Yes, we were downtown celebrating! It was awesome! We watched the game at a friend's house, but went downtown later. I only lasted ~3 hours (a few days of being sick and barely eating anything left me dead on my feet by the end), but Mr E Man a few others stayed down there much later.

  4. Cath> oh... I see. You were downtown but not until the weee hours ;) Good times then! i hope you feel better now!

    Alyssa> yes, it's fun when it happens!

  5. What a wonderful story, Cath. And I do love bhangra music =)

  6. Glad you liked it! It made me laugh.

    Growing up, my best friend was Sikh. She lived just down the street and I spent a lot of time at her house cultivating an appreciation of bhangra, Bollywood, and biryanis! (Her mum doesn't just make the best Indian food I've ever had, but some of the best food, period. They ate a couple of hours after we usually did, and it's funny how many times I just happened to pop round to check my friend's homework against mine, just as they were sitting down to eat...)

  7. Biryanis...yum. Jealous of that part of your childhood =)


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