Friday, March 26, 2010

Olympic Pool Results, and the best street party Vancouver has ever seen

Yeah, I know: finally!

Sorry for the delay... but here it is!

The aim of the pool was to choose the country that would get the most medal points per capita. I assigned 3 medal points per gold medal, 2 medal points per silver medal, and 1 medal point per bronze medal. The final medal table is here, I took the population stats from the CIA's World Factbook, and reader picks from these two posts. Please let me know if you spot any errors or omissions!

Here's the table:

Congratulations, Chall! 

Nice work! The Bragging Rights are yours and yours alone, with no need for the tie-breaker (predictions of the numbers of each kind of medal).

And to celebrate, here's a very celebratory video of the downtown Vancouver celebrations that followed Canada's victory in the gold medal hockey game (with a special shoutout to Nina, as requested!).

Watching my sloppy, drunken footage again made me very happy, but also very sad that everything is over now :( Ah well, it was one of the most fun times of my whole life, and I will always remember it fondly. Inspired by Vancouver 2010, I will probably go to London in 2012. I might even go to Sochi in 2014...

Up next: World Cup! Ing-er-land, Ing-erland! There will be a pool, there will be trash talk. My goodness will there be trash talk...


  1. Congrats Chall! And at least nobody picked China... although GB only squeaked by.

  2. Welcome to the blog, LabMom!

    Yeah, China's not a great bet in the winter games. If I was being really fair I would have divided the per capita points by the average snowfall over the entire of each country's land mass, but that would have taken waaaay too long :)

  3. WOHOOOOO!!! YEAAAAAAA!! (or as we say it back home "JIPPPPPPI" :) )

    I think who ever wanted to win for real should have picked Norway since they do and always do like crazy.... but hey, I am happy noone saw that!

    woho. Now, it's time for a winner drink! (After all those bets I finally win!)

  4. Woooohooooo!! CANADA!
    Niiiiiiiice video Cath! (Although I feel dizzy now after watching it ;) )
    Too bad you didn't see any "purple" dutch people, haha, but it's a great video, thanks a LOT and I'll make sure I'll keep to my part of the deal!

  5. Nice video! Maybe you should ask RJ if he could mentor you - you have some buddinng talent there :).

  6. I did, however, with 100% precision predict that New Zealand would get 0, 0, 0.

    Doesn't Norway always win the Winter Olympics by capita, dammit?


  7. being really fair I would have divided the per capita points by the average snowfall over the entire of each country's land mass, but that would have taken waaaay too long

    In that case I would win. Fuck all snow here.


  8. Chall, very nice work! I hope it compensates for losing out on the Canada-Sweden bet we made, and (almost certainly) the NHL hockey pool :)

    I think we all voted with our hearts rather than our heads, hence no-one choosing Norway!

    Nina, LOL, yeah there was a bit there when I was in the middle of a crush of people at the Granville-Robson intersection and I lost all of my friends... hence the turning around in circles as I looked for them! It's a miracle we all managed to stay together!

    I'm glad you liked your shout-out - and thank you SO MUCH for your donation! It is very much appreciated.

    Mermaid, now there's an idea! LOL! Do you want to sign up too?

    Antipodean, yeah, you were 100% accurate there! I was apparently wildly optimistic with my prediction of 3 medals for GB, although really the men's curling team were world champions going in so they totally let me down :)

    Dividing by zero would probably make my spreadsheet implode, giving me one more reason not to correct for snowfall :)


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