Monday, March 29, 2010

We're gonna need a montage! MONTAGE!

I was planning to update the hockey pool, but Blogger is borked and I can't upload any new images. Some of the old ones aren't showing up either, including my lovely "kayaks at sunset" banner image. I feel so naked without it! Hopefully it'll be back soon.

To compensate, here's a photo and video montage I put together of Olympic and Paralympic fun and games (hopefully I can still haz videos). The song is "Oh... Canada" by Classified, which was released during the first week of the games; fittingly enough, I first heard it on one of the CBC Radio 3 podcasts, and bought it on iTunes a few days later, 'cos I'm cheesy like that. And yes, I promise that this will be the absolutely last and final Olympic video*.

Enjoy! I'll keep trying with the hockey pool images...



  1. "Our national mascot's a damn beaver, oh Canada, we love our beaver" lol hilarious!

    Great montage Cath, makes me a bit nostalgic for the Olympics already.

    I'm going to be in Vancouver for a couple of days next week. Do you have any recommendations for post-Olympic sightseeing?

  2. Oh, cool!

    I would say that my "must see" things are Stanley Park (including the aquarium if you like that kind of thing), Granville Island (especially the public market), and the anthropology museum at UBC. If you have more time, Grouse Mountain is cool, but don't bother if it's raining!

    I may or may not be able to meet up; we have friends coming over from England on Thursday for a ten day stay, and I'm not sure what our plans are. Drop me an email!


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