Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blogging motivation, philosophy and experience meme

Alyssa tagged me for a meme!

This is the first one I've seen for a while; I thought they were an endangered species!

The aim of this one is:
1. Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words.

2. Tag 10 other blogs to perpetuate the meme.

I'll do the first part - as you may remember, I prefer not to tag individuals.

"Share the smiles: mostly silly, with a chance of science".

I like words 4-10 best. In fact, I might modify the text on my banner to include them!

If this made you smile, and you haven't been tagged by someone else yet - consider yourself tagged!


  1. Oh, LOVE it! I think the key to this meme is to not over-think it and just write the first thing(s) to come to mind.

  2. smiling ... :)
    I'll try very hard NOT to think about it today, and am sure that will yield something fun.

  3. By the way thanks for all your "blog of the week" nominations! Almost makes me want to go on fieldwork again. Almost.
    (I'll be on a tramping trip this weekend (weather, please cooperate this time!!) so maybe that will be good for another drama post, although I expect it to be fun and easy)

  4. Smiling too, that's a very appropriate description!

  5. Thanks Alyssa! I think you and Chall both had that right... and here I was, pondering for ages what to write...

    Chall, Nina, and Pika, I'm glad you're smiling! But now you have to do the meme! (well, Chall's already done it). The great thing with my tagging method is that you don't have to identify yourself as meeting the criteria if you don't want to do the meme!

    Nina, you're very welcome! You've written some extra-awesome posts recently, the NZ air must be agreeing with you :)


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