Monday, October 11, 2010

Hockey Pool, Week 1

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! I'm thankful for hockey, hockey pools, and awesome blog buddies, among other things.

Congratulations Thomas Joseph on winning the first week of the pool!

Just remember that it's a marathon, not a sprint...

Who wants to do the update next week? I'll send you the spreadsheet...


  1. well, even in a marathon you'll lose if you get too far behind the first miles.... ^^

    (bitter? me? nah... not at all. Throw me the spread sheet and I'll make sure to do the update next week :) a shocker, I might be last then too...)

  2. First, soccer now hockey? Is there anything this Yank can't do? ;)

  3. Humility? Modesty? :)

    Chall, think of the fable of the tortoise and the hare!

    I'll email you the spreadsheet later - thanks again for offering to help with the updates!

  4. Egads. What am I doing mid-table? I'm glad this is a marathon, otherwise I'll get nose-bleed from being so high up.

    Can you put the spreadsheet on Google Docs? That would make it easier to pass around.

    BTW, it might be easier to present the results as the average points: it'll make it much easier to see the differences later on.

  5. After last night's games, you're actually joint second! (I am in the lead, yay!)

    Google Docs is a great idea. Why do I always forget about Google Docs? I'll do that later this week.

    I'm not sure about average points though as wouldn't that hide any sudden exciting surges towards the top? How about showing the last 3 weeks only? I agree that last year's format wasn't ideal... maybe Chall or ScientistMother have some good ideas, and after letting everyone see how we each present the results we can agree on a consensus.

  6. nooooo... I don't have google docs (wait, I need to learn new stuff _again_?)

    ok. maybe. If someone tells me what it entails... this elusive

    Let me ponder the various alternatives but as for now, I don't totally like the average idea. Sorry Bob. I do like the trendline we are doing now (did last year) but that's probably because I could see those weeks when my line climbed steeper and that meant I did better ;)

  7. Hm. That Toronto goalie seems to be doing ok. :P

  8. Indeed! I may have to take back one of my four HAs.


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