Friday, November 5, 2010

Cocktail sausage

I've never before had a drink that came with meat in it.

Mmmmmmmm. Meat.


  1. distracting us from the quiz eh!
    I know I am not allowed to complain/moan/boo, but let's say it was good that at least part of the day was rainy and I don't feel like I wasted the entire day on a quiz ...

  2. Not gross! So good! I let all my friends try it, and then 3 of them got one too!

    (Does it help when I tell you it was a Caesar? Clamato juice (that's tomato juice with clam broth); cilantro-, chili- and cumin-infused vodka; insane amounts of Tabasco; spicy celery salt? And that the sausage was on a stick suspended over the liquid, not actually sitting in it?)

    Plus, it was so awesome to hear one friend say "I'll have the vegetarian version of her drink"

    Also they had several excellent IPAs on tap (I usually only drink 1 Caesar at a time; I made an exception this time and had 2, then had to switch to beer because it was all too spicy), great food, and the best bartender in Vancouver. Oh, and a taxi rank right outside the door.

    Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar, inside Waterfront Station, in case any locals are wondering.

    Nina, have a Caesar and a sausage and keep trying on the quiz. I might be up later than anticipated.

  3. and therefore be getting up later, too. So you have more time to keep working on the quiz. That was my point. Yes.

  4. I think it's true, you may be becoming more and more Canadian every day but... you're still a Brit at taste buds :-)

    PS When is Fabio getting sacked ?

  5. Alyssa, but yet so right! I'll buy you one if you ever make it out here!

    Massimo, c'mon, is there really any drink more Canadian than a Caesar?! I'd never even heard of it before I moved here, and my American cousin had never heard of it either... the bartender told us that there are some bars in town that make a version with bacon-infused vodka, which is even more Canadian!

    I'd buy you one if you weren't vegetarian :)

    I don't know about Fabio. I honestly don't know who's available who's any better...

  6. That looks larger than a cocktail sausage. It does sound yummy though.

  7. Yeah, it was a weak pun (a sausage in a cocktail = a cocktail sausage). Should've gone with "sausage fest" or preferably "Hail Caesar!", but hey, this is what happens when you take photos with your phone and turn them into blog posts while you're still sitting at the bar drinking the drink you just took a photo of...


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