Monday, November 8, 2010

Hockey pool, week 5

I forgot to check who was going to post the update this week, so I guess that means it's me!

It was Chall's week all the way: just look at the slope on her line as she took first place!

Lavaland and I also had good weeks, climbing from 8th to 6th and from 7th to 4th, respectively. It's still pretty tight at this early stage of the season though, and it's definitely still anyone's game!

Here's the full graph, showing just how many changes in the rankings there have been so far:

It's fun having this many people involved!

Bob, can you post an update next week?


  1. Ouch. At least I made a comeback towards the end of the week. I think more than halfway through I had 2 whole points.

    PS: This is why I usually don't gloat early in the season. Only bad things happen when I do that.

  2. this sucks. i had it so good the week before....

  3. Aha, my master plan is working! I am lulling you into a false sense of security...!*

    *possibly not

  4. EDIT - a few* line-up changes ought to sort me out.

    *with very large values for "few"

  5. WOHO!! :D :D :D :D

    I had a GREAT week! (now comes the pancake ;) )

  6. Thomas, yeah, I noticed that. Ouch indeed!

    ScientistMother, see Bragging Rights Central for Chall's sun and pancakes saying! (I did it the opposite way round in the last two weeks!) I think there will be many more changes in the rankings before a clear leader emerges...

    Ricardipus, what happened to your negative control plan?!

    Chall, congratulations! It was a great week for you. Are you keeping Luongo this week? I'm not... three road games, and Schneider will probably play at least one of them...

  7. Cath> Nope, didn't change him out....didn't pay attention to the "on the move games", which is why I started talking about the pancake already ;)

    and I have to admit, I missed that fact that I am now FIRST overall!!! But yeah, I agree with Cath, this year it looks much more like "an open race up until the very end" :D

  8. Cath - I got bored with it. Also, turns out I don't really like being in last place. :P


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