Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family fortunes

Me: "Ooh! There are two fortunes in this fortune cookie!"

Mr E Man: "Mine too!"

(Munch munch, rustle rustle)

Me: "OH! I don't think mine are very compatible with each other!"

Mr E Man: "Heh - same here!"

Me: "Why, what did you get?"

Mr E Man:


Mr E Man: "Why, what did you get?"


Spooky, eh?!

ETA: I just remembered another fortune cookie story! I was once at a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco with an international assortment of fellow backpackers who were staying at the same hostel as me. One guy - I think he was from Switzerland, definitely somewhere in the Alps - got a fortune cookie that said he would see a long-lost friend very soon. Literally two minutes later, as we left the restaurant, he ran into an old school friend from the same mountain village. They hadn't seen each other for years, and each had no idea the other was in the US that summer.


  1. ..... not going there...

    hugs and kisses all around for family, friends and love :)

  2. It's just as well we're not superstitious people, right?



    Hugs and kisses right back atcha!

  3. brrrr. Did you do the ritual to make it go away? You know, the one you do not believe it works, but you do it anyway, just to be sure?
    My suggestions: sacrifice something edible (and perhaps eat it afterwards, you do not want to let it go to waste, right?)

  4. I like it!

    We sacrificed the leftovers of the Szechuan takeout the next night. Does that count?

  5. When I was still in the lab, we'd always celebrate Chinese New Year with a dim sum lunch. One year I was too busy juggling a million experiments, so I stayed behind. I told a postdoc to bring me back a fortune cookie.

    While everyone was away, the delivery guy came with an antibody on cold ice. I put it away immediately, and noticed that the order came with a gift: a little magnet. Even though the antibody was a common one, I figured I had deserved that magnet, because I was sad and lonely in the lab and everyone else was out celebrating Chinese New Year. So I kept the magnet all to myself, and stuck it above my bench.

    When the lab returned, I opened my fortune cookie that they'd brought back for me. The fortune read "You have a very magnetic personality."

  6. Excellent fortune cookie story! I love it!

  7. I had one once...just as I changed positions from Neuropharmacology to Clinical Research I got "You will have great success in the field of medicine".

    I've since been promoted twice, got a corner office, 3 new publication and a 20% payrise...

    Do they come with a time limit? :/

  8. Ooh, good one.

    I'm not sure about time limits. Until you open your next fortune cookie, I'd imagine.

  9. Just make sure to change in the same direction and you should be fine :)

    It might be a bored fortune cookie maker who wants to shake things up a bit and confuse the customers... or someone with strong political views that are trying to change the direction of the universe via a very indirect, rather inconspicuous method.

  10. HA! That would make an excellent short story, eh?

  11. Looks like manufacturing error to me.

    Last week, I broke open a Panda Express fortune cookie only to discover the message "Overindulgence hinders both body and mind". I thought this was a pretty rich admonition for a fast-food joint to be making.

  12. Indeed Cath - you should develop it on your next staycation :)

  13. Juniper, that's brilliant! I guess they don't keep too close an eye on which fortunes sneak their way in there (although really, is that a smart fortune for ANY restaurant to hand out?)

    Lisbeth, yeah, 'cos I got sooooo much writing done on the last one :)

  14. Awesome! I tend to get the same fortune over and over, specifically, "You will soon come into a large sum of money." I am a post-doc, so obviously that sum of money isn't coming from work. I hope it comes from the NIH, but I think it's most likely coming in the form of a retirement account when I turn old.


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