Sunday, June 24, 2007

More questions than answers

Some people like to go to church on Sundays, presumably to ponder some of the universe's Big Questions. I do not go to church, and instead I'm spending the afternoon being distracted from what I'm supposed to be doing by some of life's Small Questions.

Why has it hailed twice today? It's June! It's not even cold!

Will my figs survive? They surely didn't evolve in a very hailstormy kinda place.

Why do I like thunder storms so much? Why aren't there more of them in Vancouver?

Why is it called an o-ring? To distinguish it from other ring shapes? Is there an x-ring? A k-ring?

Why do North Americans say "I could care less"? In the UK we say "I couldn't care less. I care the very minimum that it is possible to care". You guys are effectively saying "I care slightly more than the minimum. I could be a little more emphatic with my apathy if I really tried".

Why did I have so much caffeine today? That wasn't smart.

When will I finish reading the latest paper I found to summarise on this blog? Presumably when someone helps me answer the questions above and I can start concentrating again. Or when the caffeine wears off.

Maybe I'll just go and watch the Simpsons.

Will the movie be any good do you think?

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  1. I have a feeling it wont be very good, but Ill go see it cause I grew up on 'The Simpsons'. Had to turn the antenna to watch them! hehehe!

    Btw-- TAG!!


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