Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)

Happy Hallowe'en!

You might think I have a thing for flies, given the subject of a couple of recent posts. Well, you might be right. Here's me at last year's Hallowe'en party. Two sieves, some hair elastics, a single black stocking and some coat hangers. Voila - one fly costume. Good stuff.

That handsome young Wolverine is my lovely new husband by the way.


Update: more Hallowe'en fun with Bayblab's grant application


  1. What a great costume! :-) What are you dressing up as this year?

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately I didn't make it to this year's party :-( A mixture of hubby's work commitments, and therefore the lack of a ride (everyone else left for the party way too early for me to get out of work - who has an out-of-town party on a Friday night??!!), and the necessity of taking 2 buses, then a ferry, and then another bus to get there. But we'll probably put last year's costumes on when we open the door to trick or treaters!


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