Monday, December 24, 2007

Bah Humbug

I have to work today.

I'm compensating by wearing jeans, a Canucks t-shirt and a Gomez t-shirt.

That'll teach 'em.


  1. I'm working too, but by choice not requirement. I'll admit though, it gets me into the PI's good books and I really need that.
    Canucks or Gomez on top?

  2. Short sleeved Gomez on top of long-sleeved Canucks with logo showing on arms. Very smart and professional. Oh, and my old comfy shoes, complete with hole (I'm glad it's dry today).

  3. Well, I hope you got to go home at lunchtime.
    I think in Vancouver anything with the Canucks logo is deemed professional!

  4. Sadly no, still here.

    You may be right about the Canucks logo! They're probably just surprised that I'm not wearing Gortex and fleece.


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