Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday's Primate Christmas Birthday Party

I wanted to write a Primate Party post that would sum up all that is good about the holiday season. Instead, I found a story about a tourist who has filed a formal complaint against an Indian monkey that stole his reading glasses.

Dude, these things happen. Bah Humbug to you and your insurance company.

But all is not lost! Female Science Professor blogged about Christmas time birthdays (CTBs) yesterday, and lo and behold, two stories today about British zoo primates with CTBs of their own!

First, a rare Colombian black spider monkey was born in Colchester.

And second, a baby gorilla celebrated his first birthday in Bristol (make sure you check out the video - he looks sooo adorable clinging to Mum's leg as she walks around!)

Happy birthday, baby primates! Happy birthday, Female Science Professor and anyone else with a CTB! And a happy Winterval to all the primates out there, whatever species you happen to belong to!

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