Friday, April 18, 2008

The Crazies have names!

Google (who has goggle marks around her eyes and likes to search things),

and Saba (named after mackerel sushi).

Sushi photo credit

After a quiet first few days, they've come out of their shells and are now certifiably crazy. The introduction of these things, which are like kitty crack pipes, made them lose all inhibitions (thanks, Auntie Stacey), and the whole house is now one gigantic adventure playground. Toilet rolls have been shredded, plants have been knocked over, golf balls have been confiscated at 2 am (waking up to hear a ball being repeatedly chased back and forth past the bedroom door - on hardwood floors - is quite terrifying). Oh, and they've just realised that they can do some quite spectacular skids on the floor.

But they're just so damn cute. Even Mr E Man thinks so.

They'll usually come for a big group snuggle on the sofa at least once a day. Saba is asserting herself a bit more and it's harder to say which one is really dominant, but when it's quiet time they'll both groom each other and be generally very friendly. Then it's back to crazy time, pouncing on each others' tails and play fighting all over the place.

Life is fun!


  1. Awesome. Great pictures. I'm glad you are having fun and not missing any of the kitten craziness. Now that I know you have hardwood floors I may have to lend you my favorite toy - a remote control mouse!

  2. Do you have kitty rentals available? What are the terms of the contract?

  3. Mermaid: we can has mouse? And we can has an Auntie Mermaid to play with this weekend?

    Kyrsten: our rental plan is called the "we're on holiday" package. The terms are that you feed and otherwise take care of the cats until we get back ;) Or, just come on over one night after work and get some crazy time. Did you get my email about the music night? Don't worry, I won't record your performance and put it on this blog.

    Post-doc: thanks! A couple of friends hated the name Google, saying that it's too trendy and will date too quickly. But I reckon once a trademark becomes a verb, it's here to stay.

  4. Hmmm, a personal visit from Auntie Mermaid with a toy mouse may work out. Depends on the snow/riding/running balance. I will give you a call to figure out when you are available.

  5. Definitely! We'll probably be out both afternoons, but call me anyway as plans may change.

  6. Great names! They sound like so much fun. :-)

  7. Yes, I may just have to sign up for some holiday rental time ;)

    Also, i got D to cave this morning - we can get a cat! but I'm not holding my breath until I have it because, well, I have been tasked with finding one that doesn't leave a lot of hair around - pretty sure that's impossible.

    Did get your email but not sure yet about times...I'll get back to you.

  8. Love the names :) Cats are a lot of fun - some day I will acquire a few of my own. Glad you are enjoying yours!

  9. I highly recommend it - hours of entertainment!


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