Friday, April 18, 2008


There's fucking snow forecast for tomorrow.

Sorry for the bad language, but last weekend was glorious and we're supposed to be going to a BBQ.

Bah humbug.


  1. Hey, let's not despair yet... it was supposed to snow last night but this morning I looked through the window and, to my delight, saw no, er, "fucking snow" on the ground.
    They have revised their forecast and are now saying it will snow on Sunday. Let's hope they get that one wrong too.

  2. HG, the snow or the language?! If it was the language, sorry!

    Okham, I'm glad you escaped the FS! Fingers crossed for tomorrow. If it FSs, I can just stay inside with The Crazies.

  3. Ewwwwwww! I feel for ya (especially since next year I will be much closer to your weather than ever before)

  4. Excuse me one moment while I laugh. It won't be much more than a flurry even if it does snow...

    I sympathize but my weekend quest is to find a local market to shop at (as in outdoors, individual stall holders) and it sounds like a force 10 gale outside.

  5. It FSed. All the daffodils are dead. BBQ is off, poker tournament is planned instead!

  6. p.s. 12 inches of snow forecast in Saskatoon. It's 24C in Ottawa. Crazy.

  7. I can't believe it FS'd (And it will be known as that for ever more). Ah well.

  8. Yep... 22F in Edmonton... but now it's not FSing anymore... I'd say it's more like FFlurries... OF course, I've got FIce all over the FDriveway....


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