Friday, April 25, 2008

Shuffle Meme


As seen at MonkeyGirl and What a recently tenured college professor shouldn't be doing - this one looked like too much fun to pass up.

Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike through when someone gets them right. (I'll link to the video too, if it's on YouTube. I don't have access at work, but I'll update the list at home every day).
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING.

A quick caveat - in a moment of insanity I bought one of these instead of an iPod, and I really wish I hadn't. It looked so cute (powder blue!), but it's too small (1G), and has a terrible interface and file transfer system. So I've tended to dump whole albums into it rather than individual songs. If an artist came up that was already on the list, I skipped, so there are no duplicated artists in the list.

1) Bones sinking like stones, All that we've fought for
2) Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time

3) Although my lover lives, In a place that I can't live, I kind of find I like a life this lonely. It rips and pierces me, in places I can't see, I love the rip of nerves, The rip that wakes me. So I'm dissatisfied, I love dissatisfied, I love to feel there's always more that I need. So Come On Home,

Scottish band named after a historical figure.

4) Little ghost, little ghost, One I'm scared of the most

5) I've got a rabbit, it likes to hop, I've got a girl and she likes to shop, The other foot looks like it won't drop, I had an uncle and he got shot, Is this greeting the type that's meant for me? Are you part of this kakistocracy?

Jack White is in this band. But it is not the White Stripes. I think this is an album track so I'll give full points for just the name of the band.

Update: it's the Raconteurs. But what's the song?

6) She's got a smile that it seems to me, Reminds me of childhood memories

C'mon, people! ;)

7) You've got a great car, yeah, What's wrong with it today?
8) Over the mountain, Down in the valley, Lives a former talkshow host

9) You can force it but it will not come, You can taste it but it will not form, You can crush it but it's always here, You can crush it but it's always near. Chasing you home saying, Everything is broken, Everyone is broken

We've established that this is Radiohead, but what's the song? Hint: the title is not in the actual lyrics.

10) They say home is where the hate is, My dome is where fate is, I stroll where souls get lost like vegas, Seen through the eyes of rebel glasses, Pray to god that my arms reach the masses

George Bush doeesn't care about this song. Probably.

11) Once upon a time, Not too long ago, Took a day out in Manchester, We all fall down, There's not enough hours in a day

In December I let you know that I have a t-shirt with this band on it. British. Awesome.

12) You can reach, But you can't grab it
13) I'm happy, I'm feeling glad, I've got sunshine, In a bag

14) I tried it, I couldn't fight it, Now I just wanna get back to me, woo hoo yeah, Back into the man I used to be

This is a tricky one 'cos he's Canadian and not (I don't think) well known outside of the country. The song's title is in the lyrics above.

15) Look, If you had one shot, One opportunity

16) All those dirty words, They make us look so dumb, We've been drinking far too much, And neither of us mean what we say. Well you and I, Collapsed in love, And it looks like we might have made it, Yes, it looks like we've made it to...

The next two words are the song title. Come on, Brit Poppers!

17) Please allow me to introduce myself

18) We were walking, Walking in two worlds, In the gardens of sunlight home, Bad children on the phone, Withheld me to withhold you, Said I'd kiss you if you want, You've got things back to front, I got a letter, I sent it back, I didn't like it, what you had

Again, the next words are the title. A bit obscure but it's on their Best Of album! The title of this band's first album was their year of birth, which is the same as my own. Another British one.

19) You're so young, And you know so much, Heaven help us all, From the tales you tell. You`re so old, And innocent as hell, How I love your questions, You...

Guess what? The next words are the title and mean Monarch of the Hogmanay Festivities. Another Scottish band, but a much older song than #3.

20) Last night, She said

21) Stop making the eyes at me, I'll stop making my eyes at you. What it is that surprises me is that I don't really want you to. And your shoulders are frozen (as cold as the night) Oh, but you're an explosion (but you're dynamite) Your name isn't Rio, but I don't care for sand, Lighting the fuse might result in a bang with a bang-go[Chorus:]I said I bet that...

Part of the title is up there. The band's name resembles this photo. A more recent British indie anthem than most of the others on this list.

Update: it's the Arctic Monkeys. What's the name of the song?

22) It's been 7 hours and 15 days
23) We've come a long long way together

24) The word is about, There's something evolving, Whatever may come, The world keeps revolving, They say the next big thing is here, That the revolution's near, But to me it seems quite clear that it's all just a little bit of...

You know the drill! Brits, this is (or at least used to be, not sure if it's changed) the theme to So Graham Norton.

(remix version - partial credit for the original)

25) One two three, Take my hand and come with me

Is "I need to update my music collection" a good enough reason to justify buying an iPod?

I'm gonna tag everyone who commented on my music night post - that seems fair. I know lots of people are super busy this week, so there's no obligation!

Mad Hatter
Wayfarer Scientista

Anyone can join in the guessing!


  1. No can do. No ipod. ... I guess I could just pick 25 songs I've been listening to lately.

    2. "Maybe I'm amazed" is the title, yes? Wings?

    8. don't know the title --Paul Simon
    13. Don't know the title -- gorillaz
    22. Nothing compares 2 u -- Sinead O'Connor

  2. #2 - yes! I'm never sure if a given song is by Wings or just Paul McCartney... This was almost our first dance at the wedding.

    #22 - yes! One of my all-time faves!

    You got the artists right for the other two, but I'll leave them up so that others can try and get the titles.

  3. #4 is White Stripes, Little Ghost (great album)

    I recognize #13 but I can't place it.

    I've never been interested in lyrics - give me a melody or a bass line and I can tell you what it is though - even if you remove the lyrics :)

  4. I haven't looked carefully, but 7 is for sure "Bohemian Like You" by the Dandy Warhols. One of my favorite songs!!

  5. #23 is "praise you"

    ok gotta stop figuring this out, and go catch my bus!

  6. Ha! I posted one of the same songs without noticing you had it here.

    17. interview with the devil -- rolling stones.

  7. Is #24 grease is the word or am I puhtarded? This is so much fun!

  8. #8 Paul Simon. All around the world-The myth of fingerprints

    Mine is here

  9. Kyrsten, you are correct! Mr E Man hates that song, but I think it's awesome.

    I know what you mean about lyrics - to be honest I'm not sure I'd have recognised some of these myself! It doesn't help that some of them are album tracks rather than singles!

    Arduous, you're right on #7, and on the title of #23, but we still need the artist for that one! #7 is a must-dance-to song for me.

    You're wrong on #24 though.

    Eco, close enough on #17 - Sympathy for the devil. The guitar solo (with woo woos over the top) is my ring tone.

    Makita, you are right on #8. Graceland is my all time favourite album.

  10. oh, sorry, Fat Boy Slim for Praise You. I think that song is on the Cruel Intentions soundtrack. Why I may or may not own. :)

  11. oh duh...stupid me. I was mashing it with the vampire book/movie.

  12. Arduous and Hypoglycemiagirl - yes, those are the right songs and artists!

  13. I think #20 is the Killers. I can sing it, but not far enough to get to the title.

  14. #25 is "Are you gonna be my girl" by Jet.

  15. Dammit...I'd been hoping to avoid this meme altogether because I've got some really fucking embarrassing stuff on my iPod. Sigh....

  16. Ah well, that'll teach you not to purge your iPod when the meme first started to go around!

    EcoGeoFemme, #20 is not the Killers, but it's a very similar sounding band. They were around two or three years before the Killers I think.

    ScienceGirl, Jet is correct. I think this song was in an early iPod commercial!

  17. I'm amazed that no-one's got #6 yet. The others will probably need identifying by a Brit or two (Propter, where are you!), but #6 was HUGE. Think best guitar-based intro ever. Think me playing air guitar to it with a pint in my hand and spilling it down my front...

  18. I suck at guessing lyrics, but I think that you *do* have a good excuse to get an ipod!

  19. #1 is Don't Panic by Coldplay!!! Yes, I know I'm cheating. :-) #15 is Lose Yourself by Eminem from the 8 Mile soundtrack?

  20. Hubby says:
    #6 Billy Joel-She's got a way

  21. #20 is 'Last Nite' by The Strokes
    and I think #9 is Radiohead but I can't place the song title.
    #12 is Discotheque by U2....maybe?

  22. Unbalanced - if this meme had involved my CD collection, it would have been so much worse!

    Mad Hatter - right on both counts!

    Makita, I'm afraid your husband is incorrect

    Dancing Fish - all are correct, but I'll leave the Radiohead song open for now.

  23. aw, someone already go the only I knew -- Eminem. 8 Mile is one of my favorite movies!

  24. Yeah, I just watched it again last month. Great music and I was amazed at how good an actor he is!

  25. I got it!!
    #6 Guns 'n Roses-Sweet child of mine
    Duh! How did I not get that before?
    It only goes to show that I don't do well in recognizing songs by their first lines. Dang, I wouldn't recognize half of the songs on my own list from the first line.

  26. You certainly did!

    Like you, I would have had a hard time recognising some of these "cold".

  27. How did I NOT get "Sweet Child of Mine!"


    Is #10 a Kanye West song?

  28. I've had the same reaction to some other answers on other blogs! "How did I not recognise that?!

    Yes, you're right, it's Kanye West. On My Way Home, to be precise. Video link to come next time I'm at my home computer, which will probably be tomorrow morning.

  29. I suck at this meme. That's why I've not been commenting. If you played me the first few bars of the intro to many of these songs I'd get them but not from the lyrics. Sorry, can't even help with the ScotPop ones.

  30. Shameful! ;)

    No, I suck too. I've looked at several lists that I've had to completely ignore because I can't get a single song.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Hey CAE,
    I think you need to head back over to E&M and try again. It's really not that hard, I think especially #22 you should be able to get.

  33. Is #5 by the Raconteurs?
    21 is by the Arctic Monkeys (I love your clue picture!), and I think it's called Frozen something.
    I love this meme...

  34. Right on both bands, but not the song title.


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